Chapter 1

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[Starburstlover helped me think of the name :3 Well....she came up with it and I used it....xD PS, this is an HP fanfic.]

I walk outside into the cool night air and head into the forest behind the Burrow. They had warned me not to go, but seeing as I am not one to listen, I had gone anyway. 

My eyes widen as I stare up at the sky through the tangle of branches.

It was a full moon, which presumably was the reason I had been warned not to leave the house. 

I hear a howl, and glance around nervously, trying to figure out were it had come from. I contemplate going back inside, but decide against it, and start heading deeper into the trees.

I hear another howl; closer than before. 

Much closer.

I start to run back to the house, but trip over a root I hadn't noticed before now. 

I hear snarling behind me, and struggle to get my wand from my boot. I feel a sharp pain in my shoulder, and try and kick it away from me. While it's distracted, I grab my wand and shoot sparks out of the tip before screaming, hoping the someone will hear. 

[Soo...that was chapter one. It was so short. I'd be ashamed but I'm too busy laughing. xD]