the start of a new day

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BASED ON A TRUE STORY (well some parts are)


another day , another problem ... i swear , why do i always have these problems when the others are so happy and cheerful like Candy. Im Marc by the way , you know a typtical boy , victim of bullying and a sad lonely man..i dont know whats ahead of me , i dont know what to do.


1st day of 10th grade , last year was just horrifying , i wanna leave this place , i just want to be alone..but unfortunately i can't . i just arrived at school , i have my lock to place at my locker so no one can steal my items again. "what number is it? ahh , number 103" i whispered to myself , i had put all my things in my locker then locked it . while i was closing the locker door. "HEYYYY!!!!" as my best friends kind of shouted , i yelled at surprise , standing there was a normal height wavy haired girl with a blue headband , her name was Margaux , standing next to her was a brown straight haired girl with a pink ribbon named Erlind.. with them was a not that tall but tall boy Francis and another boy has black glasses with a red jacket named Samuel.

"HEY GUYS! , gosh you scared me there" , "haha sorry , :p" as Francis said , "hey do you need help?" Samuel asked , "oh , sure . thanks" , "no problem! ^_^". "so lets go upstairs now?" Erlind added. "sure" as i smirked. we were on the 3rd floor now "hey what number is our room again?" i asked . "Oh its number 306" as Margaux said. "so Marc , why are you so down in the dumps lately?" Samuel and Erlind asked" , "oh nothing , haha" i added with a laugh so no one can notice my problem. "WERE HERE" Margaux said. "GOSH IM SO EXCITED" as Francis added. "shall we go in?" i said .. "WE SHALL" as all of us answered , we laughed after.

As we saw , there are only 5 chairs left at the back row when we enter, and all 5 are next to each other. "PERFECT! , haha" we all laughed as we sat down at our seat. unfortunately there are those 5 kids staring at us , its actually a squad. Their leader was a small but tough boy named Jasper , they are very popular , since we are just new students here , its actually hard to make new friends , but its easy to know people if they are popular , they are popular means they are strong , but i think that we can handle him. "so what are you guys doing later at dismissal?" Erlind asked. "well uhm , im going to Samuel's house to play" i replied , "can i go with you?" Francis questioned "us too!" Erlind and Margaux said. "haha ok , ok quiet down. You can all go to our house" as Samuel said. "Yay!" as the 4 of us replied. we heard a shout from the P.R.O which is Candy. "Teacher's here!" . "oh lets get ready" as i said. "Sure" as they replied.

the teacher was short for her age , but still a nice one. "Good Morning class! happy 1st day of school!" , her name was MS. Vhanny , she was a very nice teacher. "so since this is the first day of school , im not going to discuss anything , i want to meet all of you. so i will call a person row by row , you can go by partner or by group if your shy". We all stared at each other signaling that we will go as a group. we all nodded to say yes.

"so starting with you tall man" , he is tall , he has a white jacket and he has nice short hair and he came with a partner , the partner was not tall nor not short , he has a black white and blue leather jacket with also short hair. "Hi im Ezequiel Timothy Cruz , but you can call me ET for short , i am the leader of the basketball team. so you can meet me anytime if you need help with basketball , also we are finding an assistant leader because i need help".."oh Marc you can be good at that" as Samuel said." .. "heh maybe" as i said "also he's kind of cute" as Erlind said. "and im zalzon Espino. i am a swimmer in this school. i am one of the greatest members of our team." the other one with the black , blue and white jacket boy said.

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