A Never Ending Horizon Reached. Part 21

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"I can't see any pods on it anywhere." I said to him, as I checked the tree carefully for anything like the pod he mentioned which could maybe help us.

"It doesn't matter much at the moment anyway. We're just stopping here for a few hours." He went on to say. Going around to the front of the stroller, I loosened the catches holding the kids in so they could get out and have a bit of a run around. But for some reason, they stayed at my side, not going too far away.

Moving to where Geoffrey was laying belted in the caddy, I asked him how he was feeling but I could tell he was in a bit of pain. Not that he would be telling me anyway. Going to the stroller where the first aid kit was, I pulled out some more pain killers for him and got one of the bottles of water for him. I'm glad that I thought to restock the kit with more painkillers.

The special stuff in my bag will have to be a last resort.

Hopefully, these pain killers will last a few more days until he can handle any pain without them.

After taking the kids for a little walk away with me, we all squatted down for a pee. All except Rhys of course, he just turned his back on us and went like he was a man at a trough. I thought it was very grown up of him to do that. I really am going to have to ask who taught them to do this, but I have a feeling Mary had something to do with it. For which I am very grateful.

Coming back to the tree, we all sat down on a one of the blankets that was packed behind Geoffrey, pulling out a little food and nibbling on it. Over the past few days we had gotten into the habit of eating in the morning and in the evening, but keeping up with water rations during the day.

That was a bit of contention between the older man and myself. He wanted me to have three quarters of the water and he with just a quarter. I had to admit I gone downright cranky over the argument until he said something that had me conceding to his directions.

" We will die, if you don't." he bluntly said to me quietly. He was not even looking at me when he said it. He was looking at the kids. My babies.

Without me pulling him, we would probably die out there. I needed to have the most water to get us to safety. That was without question, he had said. The babies needed  me to get them there too. So after that, I drank when he told me too. But for the moment, I pulled out the tarp and made some extra shade for us to sleep out the heat of the day.

What I didn't know was that Geoffrey didn't sleep. He stayed awake while we napped, so that he could keep anything else that might like our bit of shade and slither in and join us. He napped when I was pulling him.

I also have to admit that I am so glad that I did all those exercises as I know I would have had a hard time pulling or pushing everything.  That was my last thought for a little while as I closed my eyes and joined my babies in a sleep to pass through the heat of the day.

At The Double R..

Margaret's POV..

 "She's sleeping, finally." I said as I came out to the kitchen where my husband was talking with Jack-jack. "It took her a while."

"She's holding up fairly well, considering." Ron said as he was having a sip of his coffee. Grabbing his cuppa from his hand, I took a few sips of it myself before giving it back to him. 

"Has there been any news?" I asked.

"Nothing yet, love. The RFDS are keeping us informed as they work with Air and Sea Rescue who have coordinated an air search in the areas between here and Darwin." He was saying. 

"Is there any possibility that they veered off course because of that storm?" I asked him as I leaned against him.

"I don't know, Love. This whole thing is out of my scope of finding and fixing things." Ron said above me as I leaned into him and closed my eyes. "I just wish that we knew if they were alive, is all."

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