A Never Ending Horizon Reached. Part 21

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Image is Marella Gorge WA

Walking away from what had been a makeshift camp for the last few days had to be one of the most nervous things I have ever done. Not because I was attempting something new, but that I was attempting it with three babies and a man with a broken leg.

I was scared shitless, believe me. I was. I don't know who I was being brave for, Graham or myself. But then, I think Geoffrey was being brave for me and the kids. I have gotten to see him in a totally different light since we crashed. He makes himself available to any of the kids if they need to play or to be occupied for a moment or two when I'm in the middle of something.

He just can not get up and play with them like he did at home.

But walking away wasn't a choice anymore. Especially when that rock moved and the plane slid down the side of the ravine which scared the crap right out of us all when it happened so unexpectedly. Then hearing it explode on the bottom a few seconds later brought goosebumps and shivers to me which ran up and down my spine. 

When I looked at Geoffrey, I saw that his face was white. I imagine that he was thinking that it could have happened earlier when we all were still inside it.

So it was that without another look back, I pulled the harness that I made out of the leather caddy over my shoulders and grabbing the stroller, I started walking in the direction that would hopefully take us home. Staring ahead, I made the first determined step in our journey in this unexpected journey none of us thought we would be making.

I don't know how long it was before Geoffrey called out to  me to stop. All I know was that I was sweating up a storm and my breathing was labouring somewhat. But I didn't want to stop just yet.

"Are you hurting?" I asked him in a loud voice, gasping with each breath I was taking.

"No, but I think you should stop for a bit." He was saying.

"I can't just yet. We only have about six hours before we have to stop for the heat of the day, and it hasn't been that long." I yelled back at him. I had only been stopping for pee breaks for all of us.

"I have been watching that tree line ahead of us and I just want to get there before it gets too hot to walk." I said to him. 

Looking over the stroller, I saw that the kids were still asleep, thank goodness. I know that if the terrain isn't too much, we should be able to manage at least forty kilometres each day. That was the plan I have anyway.

"If it gets too much, you have to stop. You hear me girl?" He yelled out to me.

"Yes Dad, I hear you." I said with a smile on my face. Then turned forward to keep walking putting one foot in front of the other. Staring at that tree line in the distance. Not once did I take my eyes of that image in front of me. The goal was to get us there before having to stop again.

I have to admit that I was able to do a lot of thinking as I walked. I didn't have a choice about it either. I needed to conserve what energy I had to walk with. So that meant not having to chit chat with Geoffrey all the time. But I must have walked another hour before I had to stop anyway.

So seeing a large bush about a couple of hundred yards away, I carefully made my way over to it looking carefully for anything else that might be sitting under it out of the burning sun. After removing the harness off my shoulders, painfully, I got one of the clubs we brought with us and checked under the tree as well as grabbing a lower branch and shook it in case something was curled up in one of the branches.

"It's a mesquite tree, not a bush." Geoffrey said to me when I was muttering about the bush. "They grow fairly well in the outback. As a noxious weed. But their pods are edible."  He added which had me looking at the tree/bush again.

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