Vampires Light [naruto fanfic]

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"I, the immortal being, will rule this shinobi world! I am immortal! You all shall bow down to me, to the ruler of this world!" A deep voice echoes through the plains of the dark night. The full moon above him was has been shining for a period of sixteen weeks straight symbolizing the vampires are here. Below him, are millions of people who seek blood and power. There eyes are bloodshot red, and there skin pale as ever. All together, there fangs appeared in there mouths, ready to feast upon a human. The evil overlord that reigns over them, let's out a dry,and twisted laugh" No one will stop me now! Never! HAHAHAHAA! WAHAHAA" This person had never felt power surging through his veins like this never before. The feeling of being on top of the world. The feeling of everybody bowing down to you. The feeling, of being alive. The whole Shinobi world has fallen, into the hands of an immortal beast. A threat to the entire world and with no one to stop him...

Some time ago in the village Hidden in the Hills

"Lady Soleanna, it's time." A voice said from the shadows of a dark, cold room. It was a clear and starry night, when the moon shines so brightly. They say in the Village Hidden in the Hills that if a moon is full and white, that it brings good luck to all people. Everyone believed in that, but Soleanna. She doesn't believe in any of those so called silly fairytales. She doesn't believe in happiness and eternal life. You know what she believes in? Death. Everything around her seems to die. Her parents, friends, villagers, and even nature. She hates the feeling of everyone eyeing her like an ignorant distasteful beast. And she wonders, "Who am I?" She often asks that question but no one seems to answer. In fact, everyone in The Village Hidden in the Hills are forbidden to answer or they will be beheaded. That was the order from the King," A person who tells the truth to Lady Soleanna, will be beheaded! Now off with the head!" he yells at the beheading ceremony. When the guards release the ropes that were keeping the French thin blade up high, a slicing sound of meet was heard. A quick death. A flawless cut. Everyone watching in terror of the persons head and blood spewing out from its headless body. Lady's scream, Men cringe, and children cry. Soleanna watches from her window pane. She also cried seeing the young man that she once knew, dies before her. He was about to tell her something that she had been dying to know about. Something that she doesn't know about of why is everyone so afraid of her. Why are they terrified to look at the beautiful maiden? What could it be? She had always asked that question but sadly, no one answers. They were afraid to answer. Afraid of her...

But those days were nothing but distant memories to Soleanna now. But as she matured in age, all she could understand is death from the beheading, torture, and wars. She would never go outside. She couldn't anyways since the King Mephiles, forged those rules. She never interacted or socialized with other children. She would always wanna catch up on the latest gossip or the news throughout the village but no one seeks to tell her anything. She would always play with her dolls and her doll house or play tea party with her animals. Yes, maidens from the home would come and play with her, but was forced to since they were scared out of their minds.

Earlier that Day

Today was the sixteen year olds birthday. She woke up in an all blue colored room. Surprisingly the Sun shines so brightly to this particular day. The birds sing from the outdoors of nature and the green trees wave in happiness. Somehow, today for the first time she finally smiled. She knew that today was her 16th birthday therefore she could be free. Free to roam the world out of this village for good. That's what the King says and also the maidens.

"As of today, I am free!" she sighs to herself while starring up at the ceiling. She imagines the ceiling to be the never ending blue sky. She looks down to see the beautiful cherry blossom trees with its leaves slowly falling down. The grass was as green as ever and the warmth of the sun felt so...alive! She imagines herself running into the wilderness with a beautiful sundress while she was barefooted,jumping up and down and finally laying down on the soft grass that felt like soft pillows. She stares up imagining a butterfly landing on her nose and laughs as she feels the tinkling sensation throughout her body. It's beautiful wings with a futuristic bluish purple complimented the background environment as she was thinking," Is this what the wilderness will fill like? The feeling of being free?"

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