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This is a personal imagine for Stephanie!

With Justin Bieber!

I hope you like it!

#Imagine "JUSTIN I'M DONE!" I yelled at Justin who was standing 5 feet in front of me, angry in his blood that has been boiling since we started this Fight an hour ago. I was tired, and angry, and so was he.

"FINE. LEAVE. I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU'RE FACE." He yelled. "Ever. Get out." He ended with. I turned on my heel, and walked to the bus stop with a small duffle bag of clothes. All my other belongings are still there. But i didn't care.

-3 months later-

I was walking in the store, grabbing some munchies for tonight, for myself. I was planning on have a movie night alone, like most nights, but this night, i would have endless ice-cream. Okay, so maybe i wasn't taking this breakup very well. But it's hard when you have no friends to tell you to get up, and get out for a bit. I have no encouragement to do much. I've gotten skinnier, and i'm not liking it, I want to look, 'Fit' not skinny. Anyway, i was looking at drinks to have tonight, and found a cool juice to try. I also found some pop, but while i was putting it in the basket. It felt like someone was looking at me. I looked up and to my right. Seeing the person that I loved so much, but was hurt from because of every word that came from his mouth that one night. He was standing in front of me. Alfredo, Ryan and Chaz were behind him, trying to get his attention to go to the next isle, but his eyes were on mine. The boys didn't notice i was there, until they finally looked at what Justin was looking at. Me. "Oh my God, it's Stephanie! ." Ryan said. The boys all had shocked looks on their faces. I quickly picked up my basket, and turned around to go the opposite way down the isle. I turned it to see the guys there. "Stephanie!
Oh my God it is you." "You have to talk to Justin!" Alfredo and Chaz said. I shook my head 'no' and turned the other way. "Please." he said in a whisper. I looked down. "Fine, 5 minutes, but not here." I said quietly. He nodded his head. "There's a Starbucks in this store, come on." He said quietly also, and lead the way. The boys followed but further behind. Justin and I sat down, and I kept my eyes on my hands. Ryan, Chaz and Alfredo all got food to eat, and ate it, with distance between us.

"I'm so sorry." He whispered. "It'-" I got cut off by him talking again, "No, let me finish. Please." He asked quietly. I nodded. "I was so stupid, i shouldn't have even let you walk one foot out of the house. I regret everything. I want you to come back home, I love you." He whispered grabbing my hand, that i let him hold. "Home is in my apartment, i rent." I said quietly. "No, no it's not. Home is where I am. It's like my heart, you have it. Those three months. I-I didn't forget about you. I want you to come home, where we lived, together. I love you so much. Please. One more chance." He whispered the last part. I finally looked up into his eyes. He looked so broken, and sad. "I love you too. But my apartment," He cut me off again, "You're apartment can be sold. i mean, I still have all of you're belonging's at home." he said sweetly. "You didn't get rid of them?" I asked shocked. He shook his head 'no'. "Wow." I said letting out a shaky breath. "Please Stephanie . I love you. Only you. People in relationships always go through fights, but they get through them, and when they do. They only get stronger. Well, it's like our relationship. We're so strong, and i'll always be there for you. Next time we get into a fight, or argument, i'll let it go, because it's not worth losing you again." He said sweetly. "Justin." I breathed out. "I missed you, and I-I love you too." I said quietly. He stood up, and pulled my into a hug, a comforting one, i missed his warm, protecting embrace. I missed the scent that came from him. I missed. Him. My Justin. The caring one, the one i got back.