Chapter 6

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"As you wish my queen"

What did that mean? My queen? I looked at the window as we exited the parking lot. What did my queen imply?

Ugh he was most probably mocking me. So I didn't dwell on it much.
"How long till we get there?" I said looking at him. "About 20-30 minutes." He said looking at me and back to the road. For some reason I saw it in his eyes. The wall of happiness that was ever so solid suddenly turned translucent. The twinkling wall of happiness in his eyes is slowly vanishing. Being replaced by sadness.

I have to say something that can bring that wall up. I looked at the window as we passed by mcdonals. Suddenly a light bulb lit up on top of my head. I abruptly snapped my head to face him.

"I bet you're excited for french fries in vikings?" I said with a wide grin plastered on my face. I blinked. There was a smile on his lips and an angry growling stomach in him.

"I think my stomach's trying to tell you something." He said rubbing the top portion of his stomach.

I giggled at him lowly. He seemed happy-sad. I don't know why but I have to know. I know I don't know him that much yet but I have to try.


We arrived at vikings a few minutes later. Now his tummy was growling furiously. He exited the car excited. He was pretty bubbly that he finally actually got to eat good food after that 20-30 minute drive in which his stomach has gone crazy growling. Haru is the type of guy that's stick thin (alittle to over exaggerating there) but eats like a freaking hippo as to how he describes himself since he plays alot of soccer.

Soccer... Athletic... Fit... Well I can see the muscles at his back move as he sways his hand back and forth. Which means he's pretty fit to me.

Francis... That aweful dream though... I don't want it happening again. It was really sad. Like an ending of a story where the girl dies and goes to heaven and she thinks that she's still alive and goes to the beach, see her lover, run to him, then just passes through her like she was a ghost (which she is) , turns around, sees him hug a different girl. Story line of my dream basically.

"Are you coming or what?" Haru shouted. When I looked up at him he was already really really far. But the restaurant was pretty visible in my line of sight. It was huge and looked fancy. The light coming from it enchanted the whole dark parking lot. It was pretty much the only source of light around which was pretty convenient since you can get lost around her cause the parking lot is huge. The only light you see is your was to the restaurant.

"Coming!" I shouted. I ran to catch up to him. He was really far. When i caught up to him I ran out of breath and started panting. He stopped walking so that we (when I mean we I mean me) could rest. He then took a stepped forward. I was to engrossed to panting and looking at the floor when Haru entered the restaurant. When I took notice of his absence I quickly ran after him into the restaurant. I accidentally hit some hard wall againts my face. Ugh.

I look up to see it was Haru. "Haru Mishima" he said to a man who seemed to be holding a planner and a pen. I think it was for reservations and other stuff. The man gestured for us to continue walking towards table number 16 with the sign reserved on it.

Waiters started to take away the signs. "Enjoy the buffet ma'am,sir." He said with a warm smile on his face. Haru stood up and gestured for me to follow him through the crowd of tables and to a chocolate fountain. He took a stick with marshmallows from a bowl at the side and started dipping it in the fountain. Oooooh it looked good. The fountain looked at though it was coaxing me to fill up a whole jag of chocolate and down it all in one gulp. Haru twisted the stick of marshmallows that was now covered with chocolate and placed it on the plate he has.

"Now you try." He said gesturing to the bowl of marshmallows beside him. I took one of them and started dipping it in the fountain, then twisted it. It was actually fun. I did it again and again and again untill i was satisfied with the amount of it on my plate. "Sweet tooth." He said smiling. I guessed that he wasn't much of a sweet tooth since what he has in his plate is rice,chicken,fries and shrimp and of course the marshmallows he had from a while ago. "Well you like um salty foods I think." I said looking at his plate. "Well I eat these food because im supposed to since its already 8:15pm." He said looking at my plate full of sweets which I guessed weren't appropriate for the meal. "Sorry. Im going to eat these for dessert last." I said smiling sheepishly at him. He looked happy not that he can actually finally eat. "Come. Lets leave these plates on the table I'll help you get some food." He said taking my arm that was free and navigated throught the dozens of tables.

I have a new empty plate in my hands and Haru is the one picking out my food. Well actually he just asks me if I want it or not. "How about chicken?" He asked holding up the fried chicken with the tongs. "Mhmm" I said
"Muhum" I said with a nod.
He placed the chicken on my plate

We went to other stations and the weight on my plate was increasing.
"Enough food. I think I wont be able to finish this all." I said looking at the food. He didn't respond. He was grinning at me like a little puppy which he isn't. "What ya looking at?" I ask waving my free hand in front of his face. He shook his hand "Nothing" he said. "Come on then lets go to the table and eat." I said taking his hand and navigating our way to the table.

I didn't really mind holding his hand. I like him. But... In a platonic way. My heart is already fixed for someone else who can't even like me back. Well anyways here we were on the table munching on our food gingerly.

"What's your favorite color?" He asked taking a bite on his shrimp.
"Um... Purple. You?" I said
"Blue. Now you ask the question."
"Okay, um... What's the work of your parents?"
"My mom owns a bus company. As for my dad he owns a school and a hotel which is quite cool coz I or he can have the whole hotel closed just for our benefit. We could have the pool for ourself even if we have very important people around who most probably wants to swim."
"Whoa. Really really rich man here. Someone abduct him for ranson since his family is swimming in a pool of cash." I said pointing at him with my fork at hand.
"Hahahaha! Now its my turn to ask the question."
"Shoot rich boy." I said leaning back at my chair.
"Who do you like?"

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