"You know Herobrine isn't real," commented my friend, Alex, as he disappeared into what was unrendered map from my view. The only thing that reminded me that he was still in our server was his faint nameplate and the Skype call running in the background window.

"Oh, yeah, I know. It's just something interesting. Like ghosts. You're not sure if they're real or not, but either extreme doesn't make much sense," I said, only a moment later, as I continued to punch a tree, thinking what life would be like if destruction was only this easy.

"You know we both believe in the paranormal. Something I don't believe in is Herobrine," Alex said, his voice too close to make sense being connected to his character yet to be rendered. I agreed with him. Sure, someone (or something) that makes structures and appears without warning in servers (and closed, single-player servers much less) didn't make any sense what so ever, but as I spoke over Skype, I still knew it made some sense in the back of my mind. The type of sense it made wasn't clear.

The Skype call fell silent as I continued to gather supplies, imagining Alex doing much the same, until his voice disrupted the call suddenly.

"What the hell is that?!" Alex spoke a bit too loudly into his headset, basically erupting my ear-drums through my headphones. I brought up the F3 menu, checking for creepers and what-ever else might have spawned in vicinity to Alex, but the screen was clear, the only tag being his. It was still high-noon, so unless something was glitched out or spawned in by a player, it didn't make sense.

"What?" I asked, half aware and mostly focused on the iron ore that decided not to be breakable.

"You have to come here. Like now. Qui-" Alex spoke quickly, "I'll t.p you. Hold on."

I spawned next to Alex, on top of a mountain that I was surprised to have been spawned in what I thought was a desert biome. The expanse of the rendered distance was green, until Alex told me to turn around. I was shocked. I mean, seriously shocked, at what was obviously not spawn-created world.

"Alex?" I spoke, not really having a question, but mainly to break the silence that fell...

...the same as the shadow of darkness fell over the massive diamond structure below us.

"Yeah, I just asked myself the same question," he said, sort of laughing as he dropped down the cliff, landing with the red flash of damage. I followed, not having any idea of what else to do, taking two hearts damage. I figured that two hearts was a reasonable sacrifice for finding out what this 'obviously-not-made-by-Alex' thing was.

"Herobrine," I whispered into my microphone as I followed Alex around the massive pyramid of diamond, finger laid carefully on the W key as I cautiously moved forward.

"Shut up. Herobrine isn't real. Notch even said so," Alex said, his voice very stern, as if he was trying to convince himself of something. I nodded my head and sighed, passing the new silence by punching one of the blue blocks, even though I knew it wouldn't break anytime soon. I heard Alex mash some keys over the Skype call, although what he was doing or even trying to do was unknown to me. Ready for ridicule, I spoke into my mic.

"Yeah, I know. I got that in my Twitter feed months ago. But, if you would just listen to me for a second, who said somebody isn't impersonating Herobrine? Skins aren't that hard to make, and server I.P.s aren't exactly top-secret, you know." Happy with what I had said, I returned to spawn, and leaving Alex with that thought, I started off on the journey of wood.

About two minutes later, after the long silence I honestly didn't notice, Alex's voice broke over the call and once again I was returned to his spot, teleported against my will.