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Neko!Yandere!SkyDoesMinecraft x Suicidal!Neko!Reader

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Trigger Warning.

Y/n pov

I was a freak. No one liked me. I was fat, ugly, useless, the list goes on. I had was a Neko, this both was and wasn't accepted in society. It depended on the people you met. They either liked you, and thought you were cute and cuddly. Or a monster who deserved to be six feet under. It was the latter in my case. If this world, if you people didn't like, there was no point in living. You had to be either  popular, famous, or dead. I was never going to be popular, and certainty not famous. So....death it was. So, I sat alone in a forest, clutching a pill  bottle in my hands. I smiled slightly, twisting the cap off, and tossing it a few feet away. It was a bottle of painkillers. It seemed appropriate. Painkillers to kill all the pain. I chuckled slightly at my little joke, downing the entire bottle afterwards ]. Nothing happened at first, and I thought it hadn't worked. Then everything started to get fuzzy, and the ground suddenly rushed up to meet me. In the distance I could see a figure, of course, I blacked out after that.

I woke up on a bed. At first, I was confused, then disappointed. Wasn't I supposed to be dead? And where was I? The room was dark and unknown. I sat up slowly, looking around. I gasped suddenly, my tail fluffing up. A boy sat in a chair beside the bed, he was starring at me with a slight smile, "Hi," He said quietly. "Wh-where am I?" I asked. He frowned slightly, possibly disappointed that I didn't greet him back. He smiled again, "In my home, of course." "Why?" He chuckled, "I couldn't just leave you in the woods to die..." I noticed something that I didn't before. He had fluffy brown ears and an even fluffier tail, both matching his hair. "Something wrong?" He asked, with innocent golden eyes. "N-no..." I changed the subject, "U-um, well, th-thank you for helping me....b-but I, uh, need t get home." I started to get out of the bed, but he pushed me down quickly. "Oh, no...you can't leave-" I cut him off, "Wh-why!? Let me go!" I started struggling, his sweet smile turned into a snarl. He didn't look nice any more. In fact, he looked terrifying. Like an insane murderer. Or a dog. Anyways, in my fit of struggling, he some how got on top of me, easily keeping me from moving. i still struggled, though, ending up just tiring myself out. When I stopped, he spoke again, "I'm not gonna let you leave, Y/n," I didn't know how he knew my name, "You'll just hurt yourself again, or worse. So you have to stay here." "YOU'RE INSANE!" I screamed, trying to claw his eyes out. He snickered, "What a shame....I was hoping we could do this the easy way."

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