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"Rose Carter?"


"Hampton Charter"


"Niall Horan"

I raise my hand and she marks me down, my jaw hurts and I don't want to move. She continues down the list and I rest my chin on my head.

"Quinn Styles"

A perky girl I've never seen before raises her hand, she had long chocolate curls and fair olive skin. She had round boobs, that popped out of her red cardigan. That had a ring on every finger and twirled a cross between her fingers.

"You're new?" Mr. Robert's ask.

"Yes, this is my first day" she says.

"Well welcome to Elton View High School" Mr. Robert's says, before smiling. She smiles back and he continues with roll. I rest my head on the desk for the rest of the class, when the bell rings I am the last one out of the class, I see Quinn leaning against a locker reading her schedule.

"Do you need help?" I say, ignoring the pain in my jaw she looks up at me.

"You're the first male not to look at my boobs" she says, I chuckle running my fingers through my hair.

"I'm more of an eye person" I say, she smiles handing me her schedule. "Psychology, with Ms. Carville that's going be upstairs, the first class next to the boy's bathroom" I say, handing her back her schedule.

"You know this school pretty well huh?" she asks.

"Been going here for 4 years, it'd be pretty bad if I didn't" making her laugh.

"Thank you.... Oh, I didn't catch your name" she says.

"Niall" I say.

"Well hello Niall" she says, before walking away. I watch her leave before going to my next class, sitting in the back row I lose myself to the noise.

It's lunch, of course I don't have money and I left the morning so quickly that I didn't get to pack anything, as if there was anything in that house to begin with. I sit down at my usual table, sketching out a picture of me and mother. I change a few things every time I draw her.

"Is this seat taken?" Quinn's voice was so soft, I look up at her standing with her bright pink lunch box.

"Go ahead" I say, she takes a seat taking out her food. 3 containers filled with food and a water bottle.

"Do you not have food?" she asks.

"No, not today" I say, she cocks her head to the side like a confused dog. She opens a Tupper ware container looks at the contents before pushing it to me.

"Spaghetti not my favorite" she says, before handing me a fork.

"Uh, you don't have to" I say.

"I'm not going to let my new friend starve" she says, with a smile. I smile back before starting to eat, and it was like something I've never tasted before. It was so fresh and danced across my tongue.

"This is delicious" I say.

"My chef made it" as if everyone in the world had Chef's.

"You have a chef?" I say, she looks at me before realizing what she said.

"Yes, his name is Francis he used to be my Father's best friend but something happened and they don't really talk anymore but he loves me and understands my dad's tedious schedule so he cooks for me" she explains.

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