We had spent days searching the library, hours of sitting in silence and scanning over books until our heads throbbed. Once we finally have the book in hand we quickly leave the library, descending the staircase and arriving in The Hall late for dinner. We gather around the table, our minds still on what we have just discover, but I know there is another thought that Tommy and I shared in common.

"You said that you saw Gabriel with a pendant that had the symbol." I say to Tommy. "That's the medallion it mentions in the book. It has to be."

"But why would Gabriel have that?" Sophia wonders, sipping the contents of her drink.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe it's because he's the attacker." Levi states matter-of-factly, looking as exhausted as I feel.

"He's not the attacker." Tommy says, as if it is the most obvious thing in the world.

"And what makes you say that?" Levi questions.

"Because I confronted him about it and he said that he had found it in the corridor where Cora was attacked and I saw him turning it into Professor Ward. Cora must have tired to put up a fight and pulled it off." Tommy explains.

"And you failed to mention this because...?" I ask.

"It didn't seem important at the time."

"Oh," Levi begins, "Of course it didn't seem important at the time. How do we know what you're even telling us is the truth, Tommy?"

"Because I have no reason to lie, I want this attacker found just as badly as you do." He replies calmly.

"How-" Levi starts, but I'm not letting him finish.

"Just stop it!" I cut in, my patience finally running dry. "You two are ridiculous! Just because we now know what the mark means, doesn't mean you two have to focus on whatever grudge you have against each other. In case you haven't noticed, we still haven't actually found the attacker."

I stop to catch my breath and realize that I was going a little overboard. They both sit silently, Levi avoiding eye contact and looking like a little kid who just got scolded. Tommy, however, is trying to suppress a smile.

"We've had a long week," I say, trying to defuse the tension, "So we should all just get some rest."

With that, I stand up, leaving The Hall behind to follow my own advice. I don't care whether we are not loud to leave until a teacher escorts us back to our dorms. I am exhausted and am looking forward to collapsing on my bed a never waking back up.

The first time I was ever in this house, I did not recognize it. When I feel the urge to run for the door I know I will not be able to make it to the other side. Smoke begins to fill the house, finding it's way from the kitchen and spreading throughout the rest of the house. I make my way to the source of the smoke, expecting to see the countertops on fire like the first time I'd had this dream. Instead, there is no fire, but a thick heavy haze of smoke.

Through the haze I can make out a symbol on the far wall, burning it's way into the white paint. I start to approach the scorched wall when it suddenly catches fire and goes up in flames, but not before I see the familiar mark. The fire begins to spread, but I know it will not consume me, I know that this is just a dream. The only question is whether it was mine to control or not.

I start to cough as the smoke becomes heavy, so I make my way from the kitchen and to the front door. When I swing it open a figure stands in my way. It is the same hooded figure that has not only appeared in dream earlier, but I realize that they had also appeared the first time I'd had this dream, the very first night I arrived at Elementum Academy.

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