Chapter 8

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"What's got you so giddy?" Tay asks confused as we sit across from each other at a table in the local café.

We come here to hang out after school sometimes when neither of us have anything better to do. It's nice. Most of the staff know us and if the managers working, we get a coffee on the house.

"Nothing." I blush. "I'm not giddy."

Tay chuckles and picks up a few fries before shoving them in her mouth. My stomach churns at the sight but I ignore it. I hate being around food.

"You're so stubborn." She mutters.

"Am not." I snort.

She raises an eyebrow at me and I roll my eyes. Okay, I might be a little stubborn. Just a little.

"Kell, you've been smiling like an idiot ever since school finished. Spill." She demands with a knowing grin on her face.

I take a sip of my diet coke before looking back at her and blushing slightly. She always has a way of getting stuff out of me. Sometimes it sucks.

"Well, uh, Vic kind of ask me to be his boyfriend." I murmur quietly as a grin spreads across my face.

"He what?!?" Tay screeches loudly and a few people look at us making me slightly uncomfortable.

"Tay shut up." I mutter and she shakes her head.

"No I will not shut up. Kelly, you have a boyfriend. I'm so excited for you." Tay grins.

"Don't call me Kelly ever again." I seethe.

She laughs before we fall into silence. I notice her give me a worried glance as she drinks some of her milkshake.

"What?" I ask confused. God, I'm starting to get sick of concerned looks.

"Nothing." She brushes me off. "You want something to eat. I'll pay."

I shake my head.

"Nah, I'm good. I'll eat when I get home." I lie.

She nods still seeming unsure. I open my mouth to change the subject but my phone vibrates causing my head to snap towards it. I pick it up off of the table and realize that it's a message from Vic.

From Vic: Tony's having a movie night next weekend. You should come xxx

"Is it Vic? What does he want? Let me see." Tay says excitingly.

"Tay, shut up. Yes, it's Vic and he just invited me to a movie night this weekend." I explain rolling my eyes at her childishness.

"Oh my god. You should go." Tay suggests.

"Can you come?" I ask not really wanting to be around a lot of people without my best friend by my side.

"Of course. As long as it's fine with Vic." She grins

To Vic: I would love to. Can Tay come?

Vic nearly instantly replies and that for some reason makes me blush.

From Vic: Of course. Alex will be there ;)

I grin and look back at Tay.

"Alex is going to be there." I grin cheekily and Tay blushes.

"That's cool." She mumbles looking down at her food.

I sigh and roll my eyes.

"Taylor, grow some balls and ask him out. It's obvious that you like him." I groan.

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