[Chapter 11]

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*Perrie POV*

I've already been living in Chicago for over three years now, and everything is absolutely great! The decision to be more keen in music was the best idea I've ever made. It all started in a school play, after that everyone started noticing me, and I was finally able to over come my paranoia of people.

My mum's job provided us enough money to buy a new big house. So we moved away from our brother's apartment and he moved away from his apartment to live with hus girlfriend.

I left everything behind in London, but I still keep in touch with the Zayn and Niall. I have new friends here too, my besties are Lauren, Normani, Ally, Camlia and Dinah.

"Bye gurls, See ya later! I'll pick you guys up at seven, meet up in Perrie's house." Normani yelled as Camila and I exit her car. "Alright, bye Mani." We reponded as the car slowly drive away.

"Be careful on your walk home." I told Camila and she turned to walk in the opposite direction. "Yup, I will. See ya later." I heard her yell as I step in my house.

Caitlin and boys' bags scattered on the floor. "Guys?" I called loudly. "We're in here." They yelled back and I cheerfully hop to the kitchen.

"Hey Perrie." Luke said from the doorway, I smiled at the tall australian man and tassled his blonde hair. "Hey Lukie."

I walked in the kitchen to see Michael and Ashton sitting on the floor. "What you guys doing in the kitchen? Did you find a new chill spot?"

"No, although it's comfortable, but no. We're making chocolate chip cookies." Calum said, his head popping out from the counter. "Well, more like me and Calum are making the cookies, while the others just stared at us make them." Caitlin laughed.

Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton are in a band from Australia, they came here for their music career. When Luke and Caitlin started dating, we welcomed them to practice in our garage for their gigs, and they are welcomed in our house anytime they want.

"Why are you suddenly baking food?" I asked. "We're making some food before our show later." Calum said with his Aussie accent, while he placed the pie in the oven.

"We're about to finish, want some?" Michael asked. "Yeah sure, but I'm going to take a shower first." I said and pretended to be gagging at my own smell, even though I can't smell myself. "Alright." I went in my room and my phone beeped when I got a message from Niall.

- Perrie pls call! I have something important to tell you.-Nialler😜

I'm decided to call him later or I would be puking from my own scent right now if I had a sense of smell, I probably reek of sweaty armpits.

I took a quick shower and wore a newly cleaned pom pom sweather and freshly washed sweatpants. I walked down to the kitchen, where the fresh bake cookies were placed in front of Caitlin and the boys.

"Want one?" They asked. "Yes please." I replied and Ashton handed one for me. "We're watching a movie before we go, wanna watch with us ?"

"Sure, why not aye?" I said and continued by asking, "What are we watching?"

"We still can't decide." Luke smiled happily. "How about a horror film?" Michael asked with a fake demon voice. "Sure." I chuckled and sat down beside my sister. He selected a random movie, and we got comfortable in our seats as the movie starts.


The movie was fine, it was not that scary, just has some little jumpscares. "Let's go, we won't have time to set up our stuff, we still have to get them." Calum stood up and picked up his black Vans old school bag pack.

"Sure, let's go." Michael said as he stood up. "Bye. I'll be there with the girls later." I waved them goodbye and I went back to my room to get ready. I was debating on either my ombre fringe playsuit and black Dr.Martens or crochet tassel top and black demin shorts.

I decided to go with the playsuit option, and applied my make up on, doing my signiture doll eyes look that make my blue eyes pop out.

I checked my phone for a messege from Normani, but instead saw the message Niall sent earlier. I totally forgot to call back, I should call now before the girl pick me up. Maybe it's something urgent.

I opened skype call on my laptop and contacted Niall. After a few beeps he finally answered. He looked directly in the camera, his big blue eye were a bit puffy and swollen, he must have been crying. "Niall are you alright, mate?" I asked, concerned. "It's Zayn." He managed to let out. Did they break up or something? I don't know if my little Ziall heart can handle it.

"What's wrong?" My voice heavy, hinting at how desperate to know what was the situation. "He got in a accident, he was walking home and he got hit by a drunk driver."

"Wh-hat? How is he?" I asked. "His head was damaged and won't wake up, he's been in surgery for hours now." I gasped in surprise. My emotions were slowly taking over my mind, one of my best friend is holding on for his dear life, and I am not there for support Niall through all of it. When I finally registered the whole situation, a tear slipped from my eye, I quickly wiped it away before Niall could remove his face from his hand, he was always the sensitive type, I've to be strong for him.

"He'll be fine, I swear that he will be alright. He's a fighter, remember?" I said with a calmer tone and he nodded his head.

"Where are you now?" I asked. "I'm just picking up some of my stuff, I'm going to stay in the hospital for a while. Well goodbye then, I've to go."

"Bye. I'll talk to you as soon as possible."

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