This is just an experimental/regular story that im just gonna write just to write and see how it turns out.

I don't own any of the characters!!!!!!


Chapt. 1

"Fi! Wake up, we got trouble!" Cake said while shaking me.

"Ugh, can't it wait till later?" i said trying to pull the sheets up to my face. "Nope! It's urgent you have to wake up now!" she said pulling the sheets off of me. "Errg! Fine!" i said and got up.

I got changed and grabbed my backpack and then headed out the door with Cake. "So what are we dealing with her Cake?" "The ice queen,taking Prince Gumball,Blah blah the usual." "Again?! This is the third time this week!" i said. "I know lets just make it quick so we could go back home" she said.

We quickend our pace and arrived at the Candy Kingdom.

We ran up the stair way and burst through Prince Gumball's room.

He was tied onto a chair, mouth tied with a rag. "Let him go Ice Queen!" i yelled "Never! His mine! All mine! And you can never have him!" she said and shot ice at us.I dodged them and said "Geez you sound like a little kid and fight like one to".

I then ran up to her and punched her in the jaw and she toppled over.

"Cake sling shot" i said.She formed into one and i through the Ice queen on Cake and she bolted out of the room and back to her kingdom.

I walked over to Prince Gumball and untied him and removed the rag from his mouth.

"Oh my goodness,thank you so much Fionna"he said with a smile. I blushed "No problem dude"."I'm throwing a party tonight and i was wondering if you want to come,you know to say thanks for saving me"he said."We'd love to! See you then"Cake said and pulled me out of the kingdom.

"Hey you didnt even let me tell him my answer!" i yelled at Cake.

"Sorry girl,i answered for you because i know you would've been like 'Oh well i dont know' this is your shot,girl,to tell him you like him!" she told me.

"You got a point" i said.

Cake then stopped dead in her tracks."What? Whats the matter?"i asked her.She pointed "Someones coming our way" i looked and sure enough there was.I couldnt tell who or what it was at first but then when the figure was getting closer and closer i could make out its features.

It was a boy with black hair,black eyes with a hint of red,pale skin,he had a raggidy,faded shirt, pants,he looked hungry.I also noticed two holes on the his neck.

I froze.

A vampire.

"Cake just stay calm.Don't move" "Don't move?!?! We'll die if we don't move!"she said.

"JUST don't move" i said.

I started to reach into my back pack to get my sword."Stay there and dont move any further" i said still trying to grab my sword."Listen" i heard him say something for the first time "I'm not going to hurt you, i dont drink blood,what i do need though is something red".I looked at Cake and she looked like she didnt believe him."How can we know your not lieing?" i said.

"Hand me something red and you'll find out" he replied

I looked at Cake and back at him."Fine" i said and instead of grabbing my sword i grabbed some strawberries and tossed them at him.