After working my shift I went back home I did my hygine thing and went to sleep.

Roc pov

Damn I gotta admitt something.

Roc : Y'all

Prod : What

Ray : Yo

Prince : I'm up

Roc : I gotta tell y'all something

Prod : What

Roc : I got feelings for Lovette.

Ray : What

Prod : How can you have feelings for that crazy bitch.

Roc : Long story

Prince : Then tell us.

Roc : It all started in 1st grade we met each other and we use play with each other everyday. She was a tomboy every thing I did she did. Then when we was in 3rd grade she start cheering and being around girls. We didn't hang out much she started doing girl things. Then in middle school I started to have a crush on her but she didn't pay attention to. She liked guys like Eric and William. Then I got jelous and we stop talking. Every time she tried to say hi to me I ignored her or pushed her out the way. Then in high school we already know. But after that I felt like a monster. Im like that not. That's not me. But I never knew how to tell her. And know I'm hand cuffed in a cage. Cause I never speaked up.

Ray : Its all our faults mostly Prodigy's.

Prod : What

Ray : You raped her.

Prince : I gonna try to get out of here.

Roc : How

Lovette pov

I woke up the next morning to pounding on my door.

Lovette : Why is y'all knoking on my door so loud people trying to sleep.

Police : Ma'am there's been a complaint about parties at your house every night.

Lovette : I'm not having parties I just like playing my music.

Police : Well its loud. Just turn it down a little ok.

Lovette : Alright.

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