Jay Imagine #1

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Jay had been away on tour now for a few months and you missed him like mad. You decided to just sit down and watch a bit of telly to see if it would take your mind of Jay. 

After a few hours of watching telly and going through about 4 tubs of ben and Jerry's Ice creams you heard the door go. 

You quickly sat up in shock. 

Who the hell was it at this time!? 

It was pretty late. 

You hid behind one of the wall's and then you heard thumping sounds like foot steps. 

You rested your head on the wall and just stood there not knowing what to do. 

Then You felt someone touch your shoulder.

When you turned around it was Jay.

"Hey beautiful" He smiled. 

Without replying you jumped into his arms. Jay dropped his bags and wrapped his long arms around you securing you tightly. 

"I missed you so much" You whisper in his ear. 

"I missed you to princess" Jay relied. 

You pulled your head away from Jay's shoulder so you were looking deep into his eyes. 

Seconds later your lips crashed onto Jay's. 

Jay pushed you against the wall. Your lips were moving in sync with each other. 

You could feel Jay's tongue on the inside of your lip begging for an entrance. 

Eventually you gave in. 

Jays hand travelled under your top to your bra. He undid it with one hand and it fell the the ground. 

Before you knew it you were both naked. 

He picked you up bridle styled and carried you into your bedroom. 

He gently placed you on the bed trying not to break the kiss. 

Jay started to kiss all down your body from your lips, to your inner thighs. 

You wanted Jay so bad. 

Every time he touched you, you wanted him a little more however Jay liked to tease. 

After Jay teasing you for a while he hovered over you securing his own body weight. 

He kissed your forehead sofly and then entered you. 

He was thrusting hard and fast inside you. 

You felt a mixture of pain and pleasure. 

You both finally came to your climax. 

Jay lay next to you.

He was breathing heavily and fast. 

"I love you so much (YN)" He soflty said.

"I love you to" You replied. 



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