THIS GAME. Never have I felt this much emotion and humor from a game in a while. Well, The Last of Us did as well but this did it a touch better. Toby Fox, you've made a good game.

By the way, I'm not doing the Genocide route. Not because of moral reasons, but because I saw the genocide playthrough on You Tube and I'm not exactly willing to spend six hours trying to beat Sans. It would be totally worth it but I don't have time. XD

With that said, unless you have been living under a rock your entire life (or even just having a life AHAHAHAHAHAHA KIDDDING) almost everyone on the internet knows what this game is by now. It's an indie RPG that garnered immense critical acclaim the minute it was released. I don't really want to spoil anything but let's face it, you have probably either seen the playthroughs on YouTube or played it yourself.

The characters are hilarious and heartfelt. The plot is surprisingly deep and it's SAVE mechanics (if you have played this game you'll know what I mean by that) are one of the most unique things I have seen in years.

I cried during the game's climax. Yeah, not gonna lie. I straight out cried at the end. The Last of Us had my heart pounding three times faster but Undertale just made me laugh until my insides hurt with the puns and anime references and feel a lot of other emotions. The second time I played through the pacifist route, I got teary eyed during Asgore's boss battle. Let me tell you, the things he says after you spare him is legit heartbreaking.

And I want to hug Nabstablook. I think all of us do.

And Mettaton is just

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And Mettaton is just....oh my god I was dying. He's just...I have no words for this bloody robot/former ghost who is a cousin of good ol' Blooky.

With that said, Alphys is total weaboo trash with a colossal crush on Undyne omg but tbh that's what makes her adorable AHAHAHAHAHA

Toriel is just so fricking sweet. Like I want her as my mom. And she bakes Butterscotch-Cinammon pie. What more do you want?

Undyne = Total badass. It's funny how she's so intimidating at first but after she warms up to you, she's a total tomboy with a HUGE mutual crush on Alphys.

Papyrus is adorable as well like oh my god. He's so innocent and naive it's hard not to love the character. And Sans is just.....interesting, to say the least.

Okay, but can we talk about the soundtrack? (You all know that I'm a huge soundtrack dork by now, just deal with it)

The music for this game is what it should be: something that is just as impactful as the plot and what's surprising for me is that if you were to ask someone what their favorite track from the game/soundtrack they would be able to tell you the name of that piece of music in a heartbeat. That's how much in tune the music is with the game.

I have a lot of favorite tracks from the soundtrack, if I'm being honest. I had "Undertale" and "His Theme" on repeat for about two days now. Before it was "Battle Against a True Hero", "Memory" and "Bonetrousle" (I think that's how you spell it.)

Wait. I still have "Battle Against a True Hero" on repeat. Whoops.


And onto the fandom. Oh boy.

Okay, while I love this game to death, I'm going to try to stay far way from the fandom as much as I can. No, it's not because I'm afraid that it'll be like the FNAF fan base or anything like that....Oh screw it, I heard the fandom is complete horse shit. Like they have a lot of creative fanart and comic dubbings but the references and everything are just...let's just say that I've seen them on every single You Tube video.

Also, please stop sexualizing Toriel. I'm tired of pouring bleach into my eyes. SHE IS OUR GOAT MOM and quite frankly, its making me uncomfortable. I have unintentionally seen fan art that I hope I have the fortune of not seeing ever again.

....And can I just ask the question of how and why are we able to sexualize skeletons?

Alphys and Undyne may be my OTP of the game, but I also enjoy the Frisk x Asriel pairing, mainly because there's a lot of innocent fan art out there that are honestly kinda adorable. Like there was one where its a video of Frisk and Asriel, with Asriel saying that he's going to marry Frisk in the future. Namely, this one:

And then there's the argument of why we forgive Asriel but don't forgive Asgore

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And then there's the argument of why we forgive Asriel but don't forgive Asgore. To be quiet frank, I think we should forgive the both of them. Asriel's actions as Flowey are done because he has no soul. But once he gets one, he understands that some of his actions are unforgivable and therefore we feel all the more need to hug him because he understands the severity of the situation. Asgore is just the same. For those of you who are unsure about this, remember that he made the declaration that all humans have to die in order to break the barrier out of grief. He and Toriel basically lost their own two kids during the exact same night. He immediately regretted it however, but has no choice but to go with it because all of the other monsters are counting on him. That's why his speech at the end of his battle after you spare him is so heartbreaking. All he ever wanted was to be with his family again and for everyone to be happy.

And to end things on a lighter note, that GIF sums up the entire game in a ever loving nutshell.

Two rants in a row? I must either be incredibly free....or I'm procrastinating big time AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Comment below and let me know what you think! Sayonara! :D

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