"I hate school." "I don't want to go." I want to go home." Gerard complained to Mikey as they made their way into school. Gerard grabbed a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and placed one between his lips, he lit it then took a drag. Mikey tutted at him. "WHAT!?!" Gerard exclaimed, irritated that his brother was judging him. "You're supposed to be stopping!" Mikey replied, his voice laced with worry and care. Gerard looked at him then returned to his cigarette, he wasn't in the mood for a lecture. They got to school, said a rushed bye and ran into school to try and avoid any asshole bullies. Most of them were seniors like Gerard, but there were a few in Mikey's year, freshmen. A few of them ran up behind Gerard and pushed him over making him drop his cigarettes everywhere, Gerard scrambled to pick up every single one. "Hey emo fag." The tallest one called, his voice laced with hate, he had an ugly ass smirk across his face, oh how Gerard longed to wipe that smirk off his ugly face. "No-one will ever want you or love you, who would want damaged goods? You can't even do shit, your no use to anyone, you can't even protect your ickle baby brother." The ass sneered. "YOU STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY BROTHER OR IM GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU!" Gerard shouted his voice was laced with venom. The guy hit Gerard in the nose, sending him flying back into some lockers then sliding to the ground. He was pinned down and they punched him and kicked him. He heard something crack inside of him followed by an excruciating pain. Mikey screamed and Gerard tried to scramble towards him but was pulled back screaming in agony. He bit his captors hand and raced to Mikey, Gerard curled over Mikey trying to protect him as best as he could. They continued there beating, not caring who was getting hurt. Gerard heard Mikey whimpering underneath him, the were both seriously injured. Gerard waited for this torture to end. Suddenly the bullies stopped. Gerard lifted his head slightly to see why they had gone, he noticed how he and Mikey were lying in a bloody heap on the floor. Gerard saw a hand, near his head, Gerard's eyes travelled up the arm to clasp eyes up on the most gorgeous guy in the universe. He stared and then went to give him is hand to get up but instead he passed out, the pain proving just too much.

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