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- LEMON // mature

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Juvia was called to Masters bedroom. It was late at night and Master and I were the only ones still awake. I knocked on the door.


"Come in." He says in a gruff voice. Juvia was madly in-love with Master Gray-sama. Juvia was poor and he was royal blooded. We were best friends since childhood, and met in front of the Nursery everyday.

One day Gray's father, the King, caught us and said, "Nobility and Peasants will never be together." And separated us. Gray-sama insisted that we stay together, finding every way possible, but there was only one option. When we older and turned the age of 18, Juvia was to be handed over to the royal family and be the Kings personal maid - a.k.a Second in command.

Opening the door slowly, I see Master sitting on the edge of his bed. His crown was on the floor and he looked up as Juvia walked in. "Thank you for coming. Now, undress me." Juvia's face turned a bright scarlet as she slowly walked towards her master. "What are you waiting for, Juvia? Undress me!"

I began to unbutton his blouse, revealing his perfectly toned chest and abs. "Ngh..." Juvia moans silently but catches Master smirking in the corners of her eyes. Continuing by putting the blouse to the side, Juvia goes to take off his pants. Unbuckling his belt and placing it on top of the blouse then turning to the side and unbuttoning the buttons on his pants. Slowly, I began sliding off his pants, looking at the wall beside me but stop when Master grabs my face cheeks tightly, forcing me to look at him. "Do it properly." He says angrily and lets go.

I force myself to look at Gray-sama's bulge. His pant stopped around his knees and Juvia could see his erecting bulge very clearly. I gulp and pull the rest of his pants down and place it to the side, on top of the belt and shirt.
Now time for the socks. One of Masters socks were attached to his thigh garter and in order remove it, Juvia had to put her hands near his... you know...

Taking off the first sock, that was attached to nothing and placing it to the side and slowly moving my hands towards the garter. The stupid garter buckle was right in between his legs, so I spread them and unbuckled it. I froze as my hand accidentally glides against something hard.

"Ngh--" Gray moans and looks down at Juvia. Juvia quickly removes the garter and sock, putting it on the pile and stands up. "Is that all master?" I ask. He shakes his head, "I said undress me!" He looks down at his crotch and motions to it, "I still have these on."

Juvia groans, unable to take it anymore. I pounce on him and pushe him down to the mattress of the bed. Gray-sama smirks at me and I gladly return it, attacking his lips. My dream came true. A full on make out session with Master Gray-sama!

We moaned in each others mouth and Juvia was flipped over. Master was now on top. Gray-sama attacked Juvia's neck and immediately found her sweet spot. It wasn't the first time we have done this. We had... sex before... Oral sex...

So technically I haven't had sex and am avirgin to dick, but to tongue -- I enjoy it very much. Stripping me out of my maid outfit but leaving me in my blue lace bra and panties and black & white maid fluffy headband. Gray-sama kisses my navel and moves up. Hoping he would have gone down instead of up, he latches his lips onto a free nipple that seemed to escape one of the cups. I moaned and felt Masters smirk against my skin. His mouth licking around the areola and over the nipple and his hand pinching and tugging on my other breast causing me to let out a moan of pleasure and pain. By now, my bra has fallen off and is somewhere on the floor.

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