A Journey Begins Part 20

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I had been allowing the kids out of the stroller for short plays during the day even at times leaving them without their nappies on. Of course I applied a lot of sunscreen to their little bodies frequently throughout the day, but Geoffrey and I made good use of our time when the kids were napping. It was like the kids knew what had happened wasn't normal and they were behaving so well for us.

But by the end of the first day, we had a tarp up and covering us. We also used the thermal space blankets that were stored in the plane for emergencies, for which I was very grateful and we had a small fire going to chase away the mozzies that had been coming around a bit towards the close of the day.

During the day, we had dismantled the golf caddy and rebolted and refigured it so that we had made a carry cart out of it. Well, it was a cart of some kind. Geoffrey had already tested it to see if it would carry his weight, and it did after I dragged him around  for about ten minutes or more. The kids all laughed when we did that and followed along behind us giggling as they tried to climb on with Geoffrey.

I know it won't be the same as pulling it for miles at a time. But we don't have a choice. 

Tomorrow we see how well everything will pack and the following day, we'll start our journey home.  But for now, I just want another nap, so after helping Geoffrey out a bit away from the camp so that he can relieve himself, I moved away myself after settling him back down beside the kids when he was finished for my own  bit of relief.

Coming back to the camp, which it was, I made myself comfortable down on the other side of the kids after putting another couple of logs that I scrounged up onto the fire. Thinking of everything that had happened and wondering how Mum was, I fell asleep with those thoughts in my mind. But my last thought wasn't even about us or of Mum.

It was about the man who had come to mean so much to me. Pity I didn't get a chance to tell him that. But hopefully I will, I thought as I closed my eyes.                                                                                                             
Pushing the blanket away from me, I opened my eyes to see the day was coming up over the horizon to the east. Another start of a new day. Carefully untangling myself from little arms and legs that seemed to be either around me or over me, I made my way outside to make my usual wee walk of the morning.

Coming back, I see Geoffrey is awake and indicating that he needs one too. And, he is in pain. So after carefully getting him up and out from under the tarp we erected earlier, we stumbled a few feet away for him to attend to his morning business. Then we sat down, him with  a stick which he poked at the fire with. Well, what was left of it.

But a little flame took and we put some scattered twigs on it to get a big enough fire going to boil the billy for a cuppa. It must have been about thirty minutes later that the first of the kids started to move about a bit.

"Mumma." A little voice called out. 

"Mumma." She called out a little louder.

Quickly going to Thia, I moved her outside and picked her up and brought her over to the fire so that she wouldn't wake her siblings. If there was one thing I noticed about my Thia, she was the go getter between the three of them. Lio was the take charge kind of girl and Rhys was fairly laid back and comfortable enough to be waited on.

I guess that must be a man thing because I remember that my real mum and dad were the same. I mean my real dad was laid back. But when he wanted something done, he got right to it. Rhys is a bit like that too. But all of them, they all act sometimes like their dad did and it brought a tear to my eyes sometimes when I look at them and all I see sometimes is Mack.

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