Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 <Maddie's Point of View>

"Woah," I say as I look at the large crowd of people.  Instantly I'm flooded with self-conciousness - I'm not tall enough, I don't stand out, I'm not pretty I fat?  I look at my stomach, then clench it with my arms.  Josh looks at me and wraps his arm around me.

"You're perfect, Maddie," Josh whispers into my ear sweetly.  I giggle and unwrap my arms from my stomach.  Chloe rolls her eyes.  She's probably jealous that it's not her and Nick, and that it's me and Josh.

"I gotta go, Maddie," Josh says, unwrapping his arm from me.  "We'll be late to class if we don't hurry."

"Yeah," I sigh.  "See you later."  I kiss him on the cheek and he blushes.

"Bye," he says quickly, then walks to his locker.  I sigh like I'm in a trance.  Chloe clears her throat.  I turn towards her and she's crossing her arms, giving me a "seriously?" look.

"How about we take Josh's advice and get to our lockers?" Chloe says snootily.  I roll my eyes and follow her to our lockers.  Luckily, we got them next to each other.  I unlock mine, sort it out, grab my books, and wait for Chloe.

"Hey, Chlo," I say, leaning against my closed locker door.  "Are you, by any means, jealous?"

Chloe's locker door slams shut.  "What?" she says, blushing.  "No!" 

Inside my head, I know she is.  She always blushes when she lies.  "Ok," I say sarcastically, then we walk to homeroom.


"Hi, I'm Chloe," Chloe says, sitting down at a lunch table with three other girls.  I sit down next to her.

"I'm Maddie," I say with a smile.

"Hey there," a girl says giddily.  She has long black hair with blue clothing and gorgeous makeup.  "I'm Kendall."

"Nice to meet you, Kendall," Chloe says with a smile.

"Hello!" another girl says perkily.  She has blonde, curly hair with blue eyes, bright colored clothing, and beautiful makeup; she's stunning.  "I'm Paige Hyland."

Hyland?  "H-hi," I stutter.  "Um - is there any chance you might be related to a Josh Hyland?"

"Yeah!" Paige says with a smile.  "He's my twin brother!"

I gape.  One of my new friends is my boyfriend's sister.  Talk about awkard...

"Hi," the last girl says with a smile.  "I'm Nia."  She has short brown hair with dark skin and nice clothing.

I was still shocked that my new friend - the one I liked the best out of the three - was my boyfriend's sister. 

"Is something wrong, Maddie?" Paige asks, looking at me with a concerned face.

"'s just that.." I start, looking at my newly painted fingernails.  "Your brother is my boyfriend."


End of chapter 4.

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