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No point of view~
In an apartment room all surrounding a table were six men and three women. Among them were the Silver King, the Blue King, and the Red King (queen). Each of the clan leaders had their second and third in command with them. The reason why they were having such a gathering was to discuss a team-up against the Green clan known as Jungle. The Silver King known as Yashiro Isana aka Adolf K. Weismann had proposed it and everyone else agreed.
"Well, since that has been decided there's one more thing I would like to inform you on." said Yashiro. He pulled out a phone and placed it on the table. A model picture of a young girl appeared in a (f/c) hood that covered a bit of her face. "What does a girl have to do with beating Jungle?" asked Reisi Munakata, the Blue King. Yashiro looked from Munakata and back to the phone with a bit of a smile. "Trust me, if we want a great chance of beating them, then we have to get her to join our side before the Green Clan decides to do the same." said Yashiro.
Everyone in the room still didn't understand so he explained further. "This girl goes by the name (f/n) (l/n). She's a Strain, but not just any normal kind. Her powers can match up to a King's and maybe even stronger." A few gave surprised looks while others thought deeply about what they just heard. "So, you suggest as our first action to take down the Green Clan is to bring this girl to our side?" asked a man named Izumo Kusanagi.
Yashiro looked at him and gave a nod. "I'm sure together we can find her, but I fear the worse if we don't find her before Jungle."

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