A Useful Golf Caddy Part 19

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Feeling little hands touching my hair, I slowly began to wake myself up. As soon as I opened my eyes, I remembered what had happened and where we were. Unfortunately. Pushing myself up with a groan or two, I sat there on the ground in front of the kids as I looked around.

Checking the kids and seeing that they would be okay for a few more minutes, I took a deep breath and glanced up and over the landscape which was truly and clearly seen from where we were up on a ridge.

Yep. We crashed. I was hoping it was a dream, but it wasn't. Then a familiar urge came upon me, one that couldn't be denied. So standing up, I looked around for another bush close by then laughed at myself.

I didn't need a bush since we weren't expecting anyone to come driving by at any time soon. After I realised that, I looked to Geoffrey who I noticed was also squirming about. Probably with the same problem as me.

"You okay?" I asked him going over to stand beside him while I was still looking about.

"I need a piss." Was the blunt reply that had me snapping my head to him.

"Me too." I answered back at him with a smile. Then looked to see how we could accomplish that with him and his broken leg. 

"Can you manage to get to your feet with a bit of help?" I asked him.

"No doubt about it, I have to. I can't go with the kids watching, now can I?" He said in a sour voice which had me thinking he was in a lot of pain again.

"How about I help you and then we can get you some more pain killers. How does that sound?" I asked him getting myself closer to him to give him a hand. Geoffery just grunted his usual answer.

"Come on, then. Let's see if we can get you on your feet." I said as I maneuvered my hands under his arm and pulled as he pushed himself up with his other hand groaning in pain. But at least we got him up on one foot as he held the other foot off the ground. We just stood there wobbling before we managed to get some sort of balance. I didn't realise that i was feeling just as much pain as he was.

So with my help, we both hobbled away a few feet before his moans let us know he couldn't go any further. But it was far enough. Releasing him to have him see to himself, he wobbled and nearly fell causing me to grab hold of him again and hold him steady.

Looking him in the face, I said, " Just do it. No choice." 

Then as I looked away at where the kids were, I started singing so that they could hear me still there as well as give Geoffrey measure of 'privacy' as he relieved himself.

"Just so you know, you are going to have to wipe your own backside if you need to do a number two, by the way." I said to him as he finished zipping up his jeans.

"Hopefully it won't come to that." He said back at me with a smile as we twisted back around and hobbled back to the kids..

Managing to hobble back to the big rock  I had sat him at earlier, he motioned for me to help him sit on the rock and not on the ground for a few minutes. I don't blame him. It was hard for me getting up off the ground and I don't have anything broken, I don't think.

"So what do you think we should do?" He asked me as I went to get the kids another drink as well as one that Geoffery and I shared. He knew why we were doing that. Turning around, I looked at him with a weird look.

"What?" He grumpily said.

" ' So what do you think we should do?' " You said." I quoted back at him. 

"You do know that you have been here for years and years and I haven't." I mentioned to him. "And you're asking ME what we should be doing?" I asked him a little incredulously.

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