c o m p l e x i o n

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c o m p l e x i o n || p r o l o g u e

"Your skin is very beautiful." a male voice said, causing me to stop watering the flowers and turn around.

I looked up and saw a boy with bright hazel eyes, clear caramel skin and nice curly hair looking down at me smiling.

He was very handsome I'm not going to lie, but he was completely wrong about my skin, what's so beautiful about it?

"Only if it were a little bit lighter." i mumbled, praying he didn't hear me but i guess its just not my luck.

He scrunched his eyebrows in confusion, continuing to stare me down. He opened his mouth to speak but quickly closed it as if he were thinking of the perfect thing to say.

He finally opened his mouth and said, "dark skin is not a badge of shame, but rather a masterpiece created by God himself."

He started to walk away but not before turning around again. "Im going to make you love yourself and your skin, youre beautiful." and with that he left.

His words replayed in my head over and over again. How is some random boy going to help me, even my own mother cant help me. I turned back around and continued on doing what i was doing.

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