Carlos~ She will never love you Cario

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Carlos Pov

Mason invited me back over the following day for dinner and we talked easily until Mason went to bed and I stayed with Cupcake.It was late when I left Eliza's house. I didn't want to go. We were actually having a good time, and I loved talking and flirting with her about dumb stuff. But I was a little frustrated that she never said anything about her window being fixed by the time she got home. I sent over one of my guys to clean up the glass and put in a new glass frame. It was a shame the one time I felt the need to make up for my actions it went unnoticed.

 And It was a shock to see Mason there. I feel stupid for not realizing that they are siblings. They have the same features and personality. Over the past few days I've been working with Mason I've found out a lot about him because there were a few days he was slacking off eventually he apologized and told me his parents died around Christmas...and it was December. I gripped my handle bars tightly when I realized...Eliza's parents are dead. And she never told me. After all this time she doesn't trust me enough to tell me...but her brother, whom I've known for a shorter period of time told me.

After all this time, it's been months that we've known each other... and now I don't even know if I do in fact know her. How can I when she chooses to hide the darkest parts of her life from me?

If I wasn't driving I would punch a wall. Now that I think about it.. I haven't shared much either. But the thing is that there are things that, no matter how close we get..I could never share with her because it would be like dragging a knife through my chest and cutting my self open. I'd be..vulnerable. Exposed. Eliza has enough burdens to bear, there's no way I'm gonna dump all my shit on her. But is it fair for me to expect that from her? Fuck it. Who cares if it's not. I'm gonna be there for her, she may have a sassy mouth and not put up with my bullshit, but she has a soft heart. And I know she will be torn up. Her brother sure was when I found him.

 I  was sitting in the mansion, at the kitchen table making the guest list for the ball when heard a large thud like a bowling ball being dropped on the floor. Instinctively I stood and walked over to the staircase, craning my neck up.

"Mason?" I called up, my voice echoing through the massive house. There was silence. He was up there in his office organizing the security and decor for the event but I haven't heard a peep from up there in awhile.


Crash! "Fuck!" he cursed.

What the hell is he doing up there? I climbed there stairs two at a time, made a right turn down the long hall way and knocked on the second to last door on my left.

"Don't come in." he croaked. I hesitated then  rolled my eyes. This is my damn house. I turned the door knob and pushed in.

The desk was completely flipped over and there were papers and his lunch all over the floor.

"What the hell-" I scanned the room and stooped when I found my coworker, and my friend on the floor huddled and gripping his hair tightly with his elbows on his knees. He looked like shit.

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