This is only the beginning.

After that, the dream fades and I wake to the sound of the bell ringing and my unfinished quiz. Professor Ward is eyeing me suspiciously as I turn in the unmarked quiz. I try to find an excuse for falling asleep, but before I can say anything, he says that he understands, that no one has been sleeping well lately and that I will have to come to him and make it up on my own spare time.

I immediately run after Levi, who is headed to The Hall, the dream replaying over and over in my head.

"Levi!" I call when I find that I am to slow to catch up.

He turns around, halfway down the steps, and he makes his way back up to me, bumping into other students in the process.

"Yes?" He says when he finally reached me, his tone light and amusing despite how exhausted he looks .

I am breathing hard from having to run down the corridor and a flight of steps. "I need to talk to you and the others. It's important." I tell him, still trying to catch my breath.

As if he senses the urgency in my voice, his smile and amusement vanishes.

"What's wrong?"

"I tell you once we find the others." I reply.

We make our way downstairs with the rest of the crowd, getting tripped up by a few of the vines on the staircase. When we make it to The Hall, the first person my eyes land on is Tommy, who sits across from Sophia. Tommy has finally abandoned his group of friends, having gotten annoyed by them, or so he says. He seems to be ignoring his grudge against Levi, but they rarely talk to one another, casting a harsh glare at one another every once in awhile. Levi sits next to Sophia, and I sit next to Tommy, focusing on my dream instead of our proximity. Our group doesn't feel complete without Cora.

"What's wrong?" Tommy wonders.

Somehow it must be written all over my face as to what just happened. I jump into the story of the dream, telling them how it began with fire and how the attacker had appeared, and that they were in my head just like they were in Cora's head. I tell them of how when he talked, it was impossible to tell which voice was his, and how he changed from me, to Cora, to Tommy, and his message.

"His goal? So he isn't just attacking students at random, but there's something he's trying to achieve?" Sophia asks.

"Well we already figured that much, him being apart of F.E.A.R." I say.

"Yeah, but we don't know that for sure." Levi points out. "It was just a theory Cora had. I'm not saying she's wrong." He adds when we all glare at him "but we don't know if she's right."

"Trust me," Tommy begins, "whoever this is, is apart of F.E.A.R."

"And how would you know?" Levi questions, his voice cold.

"Who else would attack students? They have a motive and it has to do with F.E.A.R."

"Not to mention, " I begin, adding onto Tommy's argument "that there has been a lot of F.E.A.R. activity going on. Cora's been pointing it out every sense the beginning of school and its only increased."

I reach for a newspaper that is set in the middle of the table. Everyday there is one, the reason why and how they got their is beyond me. It had been there this morning but I had been too tired and I was late so there was no time to read it. The date above reads December 3. I have been so focused on finding what the mark was, I never stopped noticed the change that was happening around the place as Christmas nears. The lumias are glowing red and green, and there is a Christmas tree at the front of The Hall. I had even forgotten about Thanksgiving. Did we celebrate? Or had that been one of the days I skipped dinner and went to the library?

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