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Today is a relaxing day and Jimin decided to take a break from everything with silence. His one bedroom apartment was a little disordered, but the brunette put that thought away for the moment. Jimin was a little lazy today, so to entertain himself, he hopped into his swivel chair and turned his PC on. After killing some time looking at a few videos on YouTube, he started dozing off. He caught himself at the right moment and got up to sleep in his bed. Once he hit the covers, he went on to sleep.

Lately, Jimin hasn't really been using his mind powers. They were both telepathy and telekinesis (telepathy=communication through the mind/telekinesis=moving objects with your mind). Him and his friends were supposed to be hunters or soldiers, but when they all spoke against it the headmaster allowed them to choose their own path. Jin wants to be a medic and a coffee barista, Jungkook said he dreams about being a tattoo artist or a hacker(whatever comes first), Namjoon wants to work with Jin in the barista career since it's relaxing, Suga and J-Hope want to be vigilantes as a second thing after working in the hacking world for a bit.

All of them work in the same coffee shop. Inside it's very cozy with soft cushion chairs and olive wooden tables. There was even a tiny kids section where they could play. Bookshelves lined the walls with old, new, handwritten, rare copies, all the above! The good thing about the place was, of course, the coffee. Lattes, Espressos, Iced Coffees, Macchiatos, Cappuccinos, and everything else was served with love and care to the fullest. The aromas filled all corners of the shop. The wall on the right when you walk in is painted rich chocolate at the bottom half and a creamy beige at the upper half. Painted over that was a cup of coffee on a saucer with steam coming from the drink. People from everywhere came to have a steaming cup of coffee and relax for awhile. That's the best part of the coffee shop. You can ask baristas for advice on social things, and there are so many new people to meet.


"Uuugghh. How can that damn thing be so annoying?!" Jimin's eyes fluttered open at his alarm. His not-so-energized attitude made him turn to glare at the piece of machinery. Jimin slammed his fist on the snooze button to shut the sucker up, ignoring the fact that he has a school day today, and turned the other way, his back facing the alarm clock.

About 4 long seconds after, he jumped out of bed while yelling in frustration. Then soon enough, he realized today was Thursday...not Saturday... "Fuck! I'm gonna be late!" He rushed straight into the bathroom and washed his face while hopping in the shower. After the shower he put on his boxers and black gym shorts on top. He wore a black sweater that was one size too big and had a hoodie on it with no zipper in the front. Heading out the door, grabbing his skateboard and headed to straight to school...with a few pedestrians in the way, I guess...

"Yo, Jimin! 'Sup man, let's go!" Namjoon called out to him from the doorway of their class. J-Hope was sitting on a desk and Jin stood next to the windowsill of the gigantic windows. Jungkook was in his seat aimlessly drawing in his sketchbook. Jimin ran straight into the classroom, making a mad dash for his desk. He sat down with a huff and took out his homework to lay it on his desk so his teacher can check it. Right when the bell rang everyone sat down in their assigned seats.

Jimin and J-Hope sat next to each other in Mythology class. The teacher was crazy, at least to some of the students. But the brunette and the onyx crowned young adults took quite an interest in her teachings. She talked and gave backgrounds about creatures like werewolves, vampires, chupacabras, witches, owl griffins, zombies(strangely), jiang-shi, kitsunes, nekos(yes, there is a difference), ghouls, and SO many others. A lot of people think she's a mental lady who sucked up to the school to get her job as a teacher, but Jimin and his 'brothers' LOVED hearing her myths and legends. Now, scientists and historians, along with archaeologists, are finding evidence that those creatures could be real. This is exciting, but the darker side is how they behave. They can turn on you in an instant and NOT GIVE AN ACTUAL FUDGE. The sextuplets(I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE THINKING! JUST STOP! RIGHT NOW!) liked the myths and all, they're just scared of them misunderstanding the 6 as enemies, or get the wrong idea when they say they adore the monsters.

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