Chapter 19

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~10 minutes later~

👑Nicki POV👑
The People arrived and I went outside

"Is this Rebeca?"

"WHAT-----THIS NOT REBECA" I shouted in anger

My hopes were so high, I guess too high.

"I tried to tell them that I'm not Rebeca they took her and left me" the girl said and my eyes widen

"Wait you know Rebeca" I asked the girl

"Yeah that's my friend and we got kidnapped" I said

"What's your name" I asked the girl

"Aroma" she said

''Who took her" I asked

"Takee, she's a  girl that we thought we killed" Aroma said

"Who's your parents" I said

"I don't have any I lived with my brother then they killed him" Aroma said getting teary

"Aww that's okay" I said giving her a hug. I'm surprised that she wasn't freaking out that I'm Nicki Minaj

"This is not Rebeca so I need y'all to keep searching" I told the searchers
We went in the house

"You can sit there" I told the girl pointing to the couch and I turned on the TV and I sat beside her

Then I called my brother Rayan

"Hello" he answers the phone

"Hey umm can you tell Taylor to drop Tyra off here, I need to asked some questions" I said

"Yeah ok" he said hanging up

"Umm who is this?" Renay asked pointing to Aroma

This girl is so rude....

"Rebeca?" Aroma said more of a question

"That's Rebeca's twin" I told Aroma

"Oh she never told me she had a twin" she said and continue to watch TV

"Who's that" Renay repeated

"One of Rebeca's  friend.
now what are you doing you're grounded remember?" I said

"I came for a snack" she said grabbing some Doritos

"You just ate 10 minutes ago" I said snatching the Doritos

She sigh and stomped upstairs ''Are you hungry Aroma?" I asked.

"yes ma'am" she answered

"Janna can you fix her a plate please" I asked Janna

"Ok" she said

Then I heard a knock at the door, it took me a long time to get up because of this big stomach, I went to the door and it was Tyra and she stepped in

"Go sit on the couch" I said and she sat down

"Ok so do you know anything about this girl named Takee" I asked and Tyra looked scared

"Takee as in Keke, the one that needed to be in 8th grade but still in 6th" Tyra said shocked

"Yeah that one" Aroma said

"Yeah I know her, in 6th grade she tried to make me be in that killing group" Tyra said

"That what she did to me and Rebeca" Aroma said

"Ok I'm calling my investigator James" I said dialing his number

"James" I said

"Hey  Onika" James asked

"I need you to come over, I got another problem" I said

"Ok I'll be over in a few" he said and I hung up

~10 minutes later~

"Hey James" I said as I open the door and he had 3 dog with him to help him find Rebeca

"Ok you already know what I need so just come up here" I said as he followed me to Rebeca room

"Umm this is one of her shirts" I said and let the dogs sniff it to track down her scent "and here's a picture of her" I said and handed him a picture of Rebeca

"Ok, I really can't say how long it's gonna take for us to find her but we will'' James said

"Thank you" I said hugging him

I went back downstairs as James left

"Ok, Tyra you can call your mama tell her to pick you up" I said


There is gonna be a part two for this chapter! I KNOW IT'S SHORT

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