Chapter 43

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Hey guys.
Just read this a little please. I think its important.

This book will be fast forwarded a little. I was planning to write a sequel to this book but I thought why not just make this a longer book instead. The other books in the bad '___' series all end really quickly like... They end straight after highschool and I thought why not change it..
And if it's confusing anyone just ask and I will answer any questions.

Now the chapter....
5 years later

"Do you really have to go" mom said hugging me

"Yes mom. It's a new opportunity for me." I said and she nodded

"I'm proud of you princess. Opening your own restaurant" dad said hugging me and I laughed

"Dad it's only small restaurant" I said

"Yeh yeh but you did everything yourself" dad said and mom laughed

"Who would have thought you would open a restaurant" mom said and I raised an eyebrow

"I make some lovely cakes okay" I said crossing my arms and mom sighed

"Your going to be okay right" mom asked and I sighed and nodded knowing what she was on about.

"I will be mom. It's not like he owns the whole new york" I said and dad laughed

"That's my girl" he said

"Ok guys I need to go. I'm going to be late" I said and dad pulled out an envelope from his pocket.

"This is a little present from us" dad said giving me the envelope.

"Dad you didn't have to" I said and opened it to see a bank card.

"It's unlimited. So if you need any help it's there for from us" dad said and I smiled and hugged them both.

"I love you guys" I said

"Love you too sweetie. And off you go we don't want you to be late" mom said and I nodded

"Your suitcases are already in your car" dad said when he saw me looking around.

"Ok thanks guys. I love you bye" I said and ran to my car.

I started and waved bye to my parents and drove down the road.

It's been 5 years since we left new york and it was good meeting jess again. I'm 22 years old now. In college I did business and law and was planning to become a lawyer like my dad but I wasn't interested in it. So now as you can guess I opened my own restaurant. It's only a small one really but my parents are proud of me. And its called The Rose.

Now me and carlos well.... We haven't Been talking. Thats an Easy way to put it really. We stopped talking after a year I left. I tried calling him later but he wouldn't pick up or it would go to voice mail. I think he changed his number. I'm not sure. And he hasn't changed much. Still looks Hot and no i'm not stalking him. That would be weird. But I can't just stop looking at magazines now can I. He is always on the front cover, smirking.

I have a feeling that he has forgotten me. Anyway enough about that. It's in the past and it's not like i'm going to see him.

I got a really good opportunity to open a restaurant in New York and who can give up an offer like that. So here I am, back in New York.

When I got that my hotel, I parked my car outside and went inside towards the reception.

"Hi how may I help you" the man asked behind the counter.

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