"It's about to get dark," Harry breathed out in frustration "we should get back to the house, before she starts to wonder where we are."

He was slowly rubbing my back as I sat in his lap facing him, my knees on either side of his hips and I huffed, putting on hand on his shoulder "Yes, I suppose we should get back." I whispered softly, wanting to spend all night here instead. I wouldn't care if it was cold and uncomfortable, I'd be with him.

I slowly stood up, putting on foot on the floor and holding onto his shoulder as I stood up so I wouldn't fall over. I got on my two feet and stood to the side, smoothing my dress. Harry stood up after me, shaking the hay off his trousers. He turned to me and smiled, I smiled back and he slipped his hand into mine locking it tightly. I looked down and smiled softly, Harry tugged my hand and we started to walk towards the barn door and we were soon leaving the farm.

"I wish we hand more time to spend together," Harry spoke up "I miss talking to you when we get home."

I smiled at his words "I miss talking to you at home too, I miss your voice."

He smirked "Oh yeah, why is that?"

"You comfort me." I said boldly, knowing he won't think any less of me "You make me feel safe and without your voice or your touch I just feel scared." I said the last part quietly.

"You know I will never let anything happen to you," he said glancing to my side as we walked to the house "even if we were back at the house and something happened to you, I would not take that lying down."

"I know," I said confidently "I have so much faith in you, I just wish we could be-"

"I know," he cut me off quickly "I know you do, so do I."

We fell silent after that, which I wish we hadn't, that's time we could have spent getting to know each other but I still felt content. With his hands in mine squeezing my hand every now and then, sending a tingle through my arm. Harry flashing me a smile every time he did it, like he knew, like he felt it too.

The house came init view and before we got that close, he stopped me turning me around. Both of his hands came resting on my hips and I looked up, smiling a sad smile at him before he began to talk "I'm sorry I'm about to go mute on you." he said in frustration.

"It's okay," I said, raising my arms and putting them around his neck "I understand, I won't be able to talk to you anyway."

He nodded his head and brought his head down to give me a soft kiss on his lips, it was only a quick peck, but it still have me a warm fuzz in the pit of my stomach.

Harry let go of my hip and reached his hand into his pocket, getting out the gold band and slipping it onto his left ring finger. I felt my eyes burn at the sight, wishing it didn't have to be this way but it does. He huffed and looked my way.

"Let's go back." He said and started to walk a head of me, I trailed behind him, running a little to try and keep up and then he was back at the house, he opened the door and I followed behind. I pulled my hair back into a tight ponytail when I remember my hair was out.

Harry slowly slipped off his jacket and walked into the kitchen, I slowly followed him behind, wanting to postpone seeing Elizabeth.

I stood in the doorway as Harry went to get a glass of water. Elizabeth was sat on the kitchen table.

"Can I talk to you in the kitchen, Harry." She asked, her voice was light and pleading.

"Yes." He said sharply and went past me, Elizabeth following after him, her shoulder pushed into mine and I sighed. I could hear the conversation in the kitchen and

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