Chapter one

“-and you be sure to come back home this weekend, Angelina. It’s your Uncle Frederick’s birthday dinner” I rolled my eyes as I switched the phone to my other ear, knowing that if I ever rolled my eyes in front of my mother I’d be lectured on how unladylike and improper it was.

“Yes, mother” I answered once again. I’d barely left the car that was sent to drop me off to university when my mother called and began her nonstop lectures and ‘motherly advice’. I leaned back against the side of the car watching the driver unload my bags and boxes onto a trolley while I half ignored my mother’s ranting. Instead I gazed happily at new home away from home. The sun shone brightly, warming my face and the white puffs of clouds rolled lazily over the university campus

“Oh, it’s a formal dinner too, Angelina, so do make sure you dress appropriately” Mother’s voice droned through the phone speaker.

“Yes, mother” I parroted once more. I took the small gap between sentences to jump in before she could start talking again, “Well mother, it was wonderful talking to you before I settled in but I really should go now. I’m keeping the driver waiting and I’m sure he has a busy day ahead of him”

“Oh no, ma’am. It’s perfectly fine-” The driver began to say but I held a finger to my smiling lips quickly to indicate him to stop talking.

“Yes, he said he does have a fully booked day, and I wouldn’t want to be rude to keep him waiting right, mother?”

“Yes, yes of course. Goodbye Angelina, make proper friends please”

And with that we finally hung up the phone and I breathed a sigh of relief. I’d always felt so stuffy and formal when talking to my mother, well when talking to the majority of my family really. They lived the rich and high life and liked to show it off. “Protective mother I take it, ma’am?”

I turned to look at the middle aged driver who was smiling at me kindly, his moustache twitching. “You could say that. Thanks for unloading my things, sorry I couldn’t help you though” He shrugged, and with a goodbye wave I walked towards the campus. I was pointed in the right direction and grew more excited as I took in every new thing. I struggled to push my trolley of belongings through the buildings and sighed in relief when I finally found my dorm. Standing in front of a white door with a golden B-22 I breathed in and pushed it open carrying the smallest bags in first.

My first impression was that it was a fair sized white room with two king single beds on either side along with a desk for each student. As I walked in a girl about my height with a mop of curly copper hair and large almond, light brown eyes turned around. She beamed at me and skipped over, sticking her hand out “Hi! Angelina Wyngs right? I’m Ella Newman, your new roommate”

“Nice to meet you” I smiled back and shook her hand, thankful that I was lucky enough to have such a warm and friendly roommate.

Ella had already decorated her side of the room with beautiful artwork made of sketches and paintings, but the majority were photographs. Her desk was cluttered with art tools and sketch pads while little romance pocket books littered her bed and it looked as though an entire plastic box was filled with them and shoved under her bed.

Ella’s eyes followed mine and she blushed. “Oh, sorry... I’m a total sucker for romances and I can’t ever get enough! I’m studying art, how about you?”

“Law” I answered, if not a little sullenly.

Her eyebrows raised in interest. “Wow, smarty pants, so you want to be a lawyer then?”

By now we were both carrying my belongings inside the room when I shrugged, “I guess, and well, not really... I sort of come from a line of lawyers and my parents want me to follow in their footsteps, and since they refused to pay for my education unless I do... it looks like law it is”

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