7.10. Surprises

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Chapter# 7.10

Asif's POV

"You must be a proud father, Asif!" Qadir stated and once again I felt a punch in my heart for what I did to my own son; didn't trust him, didn't listen to him.

"I don't even know how to apologize. Am so....

"That's okay Qadir bhai! Jo hua us mein apka kia qasoor. In fact it was no body's fault. Lets just forget about that"

"Han bus meri bat nai suntey ye kabhi bhi. Itni bar kaha tha k mera bacha bhala aesa koi kam ker he nai sakta but he never listens to me" Shaista complaint, I guess for the fiftieth time in past few hours, since Qadir arrived at our place in Texas.

"Wahan Salma bhi yei keh rahi thi bar bar. I guess all the mothers share the same feeling with the same heart" Qadir smiled, though the smile didn't reach his eyes he still seemed embarrassed and moved by whatever happened.

"Chalo yar! Bhool jao. And I just hope one day our society will get free of such animals who can't even respect a woman" I said and Qadir sighed a little, as he shook his head.

"or Khuda karey k her maa baap ko Shehryar jesa beta naseeb ho. Jo kabhi kisi bhi baap ka sr na jhukney de" I could feel that swell in my heart as he stated, and for a moment I literally cursed myself for being so harsh to Shehry.

"Acha choriye wo sab, ap ye bataiye k Salma bhabi or Haya ko kun nai laye ap?" Shaista asked and Qadir smiled shaking his head as he kept his cup back on the table in front of us.

They started talking while my mind was still stuck back in New York, in Shehry.

Sahista seemed not that moved and the reason was I didn't tell her much neither Shehry did. I wonder he bared with my anger, that wrath; I scolded him even slapped him in front of Qadir and he didn't even tell me a single word about what happened actually.

"Arey Qadir bhai! Khana kha ker jaiye ga. Bus tayyar hea lunch" my attention jumped back to them as I saw Qadir ready to move.

"Nai bus ijazat chahta hoon bhabi! I just wanted to clear things, ek bar khud ap dono se mil ker mafi mnagna chahta tha, Shehry se to pata nai nazren he nnai mila paoon ga mein, kesey mafi mangoon ga us se" Qadir looked down as he stated and I held his shoulders.

"Shehry bacha hea ap ka Qadir bhai! Or khaberdar jo ap ne aesa kuch bhi kaha usey. Maa baap kabhi bachon ka bura nai sochtey bus hum se kabhi kabhar kotaahi ho jati hea unhen samajhne mein. Jesey mujh se hui or jesey ap se hui Haya ko samajhne mein"

Qadir nodded his head silently.


"Asif! mein ne kuch cheezon ki list banai hea, Pakistan janey se pehley lazmi leni hen wo or Tehreem ka dress bhi samajh nai aa raha k yahan se loon ya Pakistan ja ker le len? what do you think?"

"Wesey to Nosheen can help, but she is already too caught up in her work"



"What happened Asif? aren't you happy finally everything is clear, ub to muskura dejiye" Shaista kept her hand over my arm as she spoke, I was once again lost in the puddle of my thoughts.

"I was wondering why Shehry didn't tell us anything? Wo bad mein to bata sakta tha humein. Phir kun us ne nai batai sachaai?"

"Oho! Ap ko pata to hea wo kitna pakka hea apni baton mein, or phir bachi ki izzat ka sawal tha Asif!"

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