chapter 6

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Riding on a camel was very different from riding a horse. Youre higher up and sway more from side to side.

To my surprise, we rode down close to where the orphanage was, and I purposefully jammed my elbow into Tristans stomach.

"You did this on purpose!" I hissed, low enough that only he could hear. I could feel him laughing behind me.

"I have absolutely no idea what youre talking about," he said, trying to act offended.

I soon stopped worrying about him when one of the little girls from the orphanage came running toward us.

"Isa, help! A big man came and took Timmy away!"


Isobel's POV:

I had come to love the children and the nuns at the orphanage during the year that I had helped out.

There were thirty children from the ages of less than a month all the way to sixteen. Most were orphans, but some were there because they had abusive parents, like little Timmy.

Tristan got his camel Daisy to lay down without me having to ask.

I looked at the others. "Ride ahead without me. Ill explain later." I said before followed Emma inside.

"Is everybody else okay?"

She nodded at me. "Yes, Timmy was outside when he got taken. "

I let out a sigh of relief. The last time that man was here, he almost got Timmy. Luckily, drunk as he was, it was easy for me to knock him out with a frying pan.

"I'll go and get him. Tell sister Siri to get everybody inside, and to lock the doors until I come back."

After she agreed, I turned around, only to stand face to face with Tristan.

"So, you expect me to just ride away while you go fight a full grown man?" he asked, smirking at me.

I admit it wasn't one of my most genius ideas, but I wasnt about to tell him that. "Have you got a better idea?"

Tristan took a step closer. "There is no way youre going alone, so I'm coming with you. You can thank me later."

Now I was the one to cross my arms and smirk. "Oh? And what makes you think I need a knight in shining armor? I can take care of myself. I've beat him before, and I can do it again. So, thanks, but no thanks."

I thought I saw something akin to admiration in his eyes, but my eyes might have been deceiving me, for it was gone in a split second. He took my hand.

"Let me go with you. I promised both your brother and your fiancée that I'd protect you."

I fretted over it for a moment, and finally came to the conclusion that it would be easier to just let him tag along.

"Fine, come along then. I don't have the time to discuss this, we need to find Timmy.

Tristan looked at me for a second before following me outside." It'll be faster if we take Daisy."

The orphanage was in the better part of the slums, but we were gradually riding even deeper in. Everything was dirty, and prostitutes, drunks, and thieves ruled the streets.

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