Clara Oswald’s Journal.

An account of my latest adventures with the Doctor.

Wednesday 3rd July.

I heard the TARDIS materialising outside. A smile appeared on my face as I grabbed my coat and headed for the door. Artie and Angie had already left for school, meaning I didn’t have to be fussy with the Doctor when it was time to come home. He could drop me back at three o’clock to pick the kids up from school. Yes, that’s a good idea.

The strange, bowtie wearing man leaped out from his TARDIS with a large grin covering half his face.

“Hello Clara!” He said in his usual excited tone.

“Hello again, Doctor!” I reply, his contagious excitement spreading to me. “Where are we off to today?” I ask as we enter the police box. His grin grows even wider.

“Felspoon!” He announces.

“Okay. What is Felspoon?” I ask as the Doctor bounces around the TARDIS console like a six year old at Christmas. He looks at me strangely.

“I told you yesterday. Or was that two weeks ago? Ah whatever. It’s a planet.”

“And what is so brilliant about Felspoon?” I ask.

“It has mountains that sway in the wind!” He replies, pulling down a lever. The TARDIS begins to rumble. I hear the noise it always makes. And we’re off! 

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