Interview: Dawud Wharnsby

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  May peace and blessings of Almighty Be upon You All, beautiful souls.

Allow me to do a quick introduction of Mr. Dawud wharnsby. Most of us know him as the singer song-writer of our favourite childhood nasheeds. Apart from being a Television personality and educator, he is also the ambassador of UK SCOUT ASSOCIATION and a  British based environmental charity and volunteering for numerous local community organisations. His work and reputation as a pioneer in the composing of English language anasheed (muslim hymns) has him referenced in textbook publications affiliated with HARVARD University in the USA, CAMBRIDGE University Press in the United Kingdom and others. I've added one of his works on the links above called madinah-tu nabi.

Without further ado, I present to you the much awaited interview of the amazing soul – Dawud wharnsby. 

(WARNING: You might experience the following symptoms:  smiling so wide that people around you will start looking at you queerly, inspired to do good that you might start your own charity, might  read the interview over and over again because everytime you read, you learn something new and might end up  sharing this interview because you're that insanely awesome)

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wittycraze: What is love according to you. Do you think you would write a song for youth and their dilemma with love.

Dawud Wharnsby: To me, love is at the core of life. It is my belief that humanity was created out of divine mercy and love, to learn divine love ~ appreciate it and share it with others ~ with the hope of living within it for eternity. A few of my songs deal with this belief (e.g. "Love Strong") and indeed, several also deal with the struggles many young people face in their dilemmas trying to better understand true love. (eg. "Midnight", "For You In Fez", "No Time For Rhyme", "Dark Heba/Light Heba").


wittycraze: "The colours of Islam" - this nasheed might sound like it is for children. But I think it's a subject on which everyone must ponder deeply about – Racism, which sadly exists even amongst muslims. My question to you is, what must we do to uproot this evil?

Dawud Wharnsby: My approach to try and pluck the weeds of racism from our world has been to focus on working with children. Their purity and openness help me keep my own heart clear, as I try to help them hone the craft of bridge building with others. Children see differences in others, but they are naturally inquisitive and from what I have seen over the years, they generally want to learn about difference, not just fear or judge them. It is we adults who allow our own fears, insecurities, egos or self-righteousness to divide us. My daughters were very excited to meet an elderly lady in our new neighbourhood. However, she was cold to their greetings when she walked past our house. We discovered she was from Portugal and could not understand English. She'd lived on the street for over 14 years but everyone just called her "The Portuguese Lady" and nobody even knew her name! One day an ambulance came to her house and took her away. My daughters were so worried about her. A few days later she was brought home again and my daughters were eager to find out if she was alright and why she had been rushed to the hospital. We decided to write our neighbour a letter, use Google Translate to print it out in Portuguese then take it to her door. The lady was so touched and surprised ~ she hugged my girls and taught them some words in Portuguese! Since that day, we've all become friends and naturally, now our whole neighbourhood knows Maria, thanks to the heartfelt initiative of my daughters. We must truly understand and believe in the equal worth of all human beings regardless of colour, culture, creed, religious affiliation, economic circumstance, sexual orientation...whatever....then demonstrate that understanding in our behaviour so we are in line with our children's natural inclination to learn about differences but not fear them.

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