CHANWOO ~ Boy Next Door pt. 2

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"There's someone who'll transfer again next to our house." My mom spoke.

After Chanwoo left, a family lived there. But they didn't stay there for too long. Now, someone is occupying that house again.

"When will they transfer?" I asked.

"They? He's only one." My eyes widened. Don't tell me that's Chanwoo...

"W-Who?" My mom raised her shoulder. I don't want to expect cause I'll just get hurt. But if the boy next door will be Jung Chanwoo, I will be so happy. Like how happy I was before when I met him.

"Go out if you want to know." My mom said again. I peeked on the window for the last time before fixing myself and went out.

I stood outside our house, waiting for someone to come.

Chanwoo was gone for 8 months. We don't have connections. But he sent a letter once. Only once.

Hours later, A car stopped by in front of the house next to ours. I am really hoping that that is Chanwoo.

My heart started beating so fast when I saw him going out of his car. My feet was shaking like there's an earthquake.

"Chanwoo?" I said. I thought I was just hallucinating but no, he's really here.

"_______!" He shouted. I ran to him and hugged him tight.

"Are you really here or I'm just in my dream again?" I asked him and he just gave me a chuckle.

"I'm here you silly. How are you? Do you know how much I missed you so much? I was busy with my studies and now, I am running a business." I smiled at him. He is now successful compared to before.

"I'm not that fine cause I missed you too so much Chanwoo. Well, same. I am helping my mom with her business. I'm glad that you can still remember me. Cause you know, we're both busy." My voice became soft. I'm so emotional when it somes to this.

"Aish ______! Why you so dramatic and emo? Of course I can still remember you and I will never forget you. If I'll just forget about you, then why did I leave a letter before I left? Sorry I only sent a letter to you once. I'm just---" I covered his mouth and chuckled.

"I know. You're busy. I'm not that naggy okay. I will always understand you and your errands." Chanwoo stared at me like his eyes is speaking and telling something to me.

"W-Why are you looking like that? Am I so ugly? I know."He chuckled in a seductive way. Sometimes he's so adorable but sometimes, he's so freaking hot.

"I miss you and your angelic face." He sweetly said with his eyes still glued at me.

"I'm too young to die Jung Chanwoo." I glanced away and felt my face burning. I really need to call 911 right now.

"So um _______, I met a girl in South Korea." The moment he said her, my body froze.

"W-What about that girl? Your girlfriend?" I fake a smile. What am I to Chanwoo? Just his friend right?

"She confessed that she likes me. She even did an effort for me to like her." He leaned on the door. Until now we're still outside the house.

I don't why he is telling this to me. Is he trying to make me feel jealous? Ugh I hate him.

"And? You told her that you like her too?" I said. Waiting for his next words.

"I said that, I already have a wife and her name is _______." I covered my mouth to disguise my laugh.

"I don't know if I'll get piss off or what. You're insane." I said while still laughing.

"But seriously, you said that?" I asked again. I just can't believe.

"Yep. After that, she didn't show herself again." I laughed again. I acted wiping my tears.

"What's funny? I just told the truth."

"What's the truth about that?" I said and stopped laughing. He looked at me seriously.

"That you're my wife. My soon-to-be wife. What's so funny about that?" He stepped a little closer to me. I moved one step backward and looked at him.

"Chanwoo I... I..." I stuttered. I'm literally out of words!

"Why? Is there something wrong? Sorry..." His voice became soft, really feel so sorry.

"No! Don't apologize. I just want you to know that..." He looked at me so seriously again. I gulped first.

"I really miss you so much and I love you." I tightly closed my eyes. I felt curious when he didn't speak or said something.

I opened my eyes and was surprised when he kissed me on the lips. Before, it was just on my forehead but now, our lips is already colliding.

"Welcome back Jung Chanwoo." I whispered and we hugged each other.


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