I Promise

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I wasn't in the mood for writing

Then I found someone very inspiring.

Amusingly I had thought about you

Now my poem starts with the word 'WHO'.

Who would have ever thought I could write

A poem with only you on my mind?

There's something popped out of me

That I've thought of the word 'WE'.

I heard this song on the radio

Then I remembered you standing on my patio.

Memories flashed at the back of my mind

How we sit and lean on each other's side.

I remember how you love to hear that song

Asking me if I could sing it for you all day long.

You said it would make you feel happy

Although the song felt a bit lonely.

Each time I hear that song play

I recall all the good times we've made.

Wishing it could turn the time back

But I guess I've ran out of luck.

All alone in this empty bench I sit

As tears came falling down my cheeks.

Looking at a picture of us two

And how my poem ends with the word 'YOU'.

It was not so long ago that you left,

And left me a promise that should be kept.

If ever I'll find someone new

I promise to never forget about 'YOU'.

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