The Boy and The Girl

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I loved a girl...

who never met my standards

nor lived by my words

but still i loved the girl

who made my world twirl.

I loved a boy...

whom i thought i would never fall

nor answering any of his calls

but still i loved the boy

who never played me like a toy.

My only wish is...

to see her with a happy face

despite of all her agonizing case.

to see him standing strong

even if the world seems to be wrong.

But my only fear is...

to see her how much i care

and to swear that i'll never hurt her.

how to le him know

that he cannot love me anymore.

I will always love the girl...

in spite of all the twists and turns,

that made my world burn.

she might not love me back,

but i love her with all my heart.

I will always love the boy...

who showed me what love is for

though i told him to love me no more.

to be with him, is what i'm yearning,

but i can't for i will soon be dying.

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