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Like I promised! There's two chapter!

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For readers under the age of 13, I'll advise you to not read Cayton POV and just go straight to Misty's. both implied the same meaning but Cayton's one is a little more sexual.



She's near here. I can feel her presence even in the dark.

I hugged Emily closer to me stopping myself from running towards where the scent was from. I kissed Emily's forehead sending her in a slight shiver.

I stood up and pace the room to calm the thoughts of Glen and Jack.

"Ding dong" the bell ranged.

"Who will it be?" I thought.

I walked towards the door, while holding the door knob i stop in track, it's her.

It's Misty.

The door rang one more time before I opened it slowly revealing her. This beautiful women.

She gave me a small awkward smile and fear which I found extremely cute before asking me "where's Emily?" .

"She's resting" I replied still waiting for the enchanting voice of her to sound again.

"Oh my is she alright?" She exclaimed worriedly.

I could feel my wolf, Glen growled in pleasure upon hearing her talk.

She pushed past me before entering and when she was about to enter Emily's room my hand unconsciously wrap around her waist

"Mel" I heard Glen purred to hers.

I knew there was no stopping of this already, I'm not letting her go anymore.

She tried to push me off before I carried her towards the next room putting her on to the bed.

"Stop it" she demanded.

"Feisty, I love it" Glen howled

"Stop it. If you don't, I'll burn you until you become nothing but ashes." she once again threatened.

I felt amused at her brave words.

"I know you wouldn't but tried it if you would" I replied her smugly.

"I -" She tried to say before I locked her lips with mine.

She hit my chest, trying to stop me. But this only turns me on even more.

I pulled her closer to me as I forced my tongue into her mouth.

I could hear her wolf purring for mine and I couldn't help but feel the pride of an alpha.

I pulled away leaving both of us breathless before I instructed her to take off the fake lenses she was wearing.

Her real eyes weren't brown, I need to see them, I want to see them. I know how much danger its going to place on me but i want it.

she retorted "no" immediately.

My mouth lingered on her neck and I gave her butterfly kisses all over before persuading her again.

I needed to see her beautiful eyes.

"Please don't... " She cried.

I knew that her body was enjoying this but why was her mind still rejecting me?

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