♦ Chapter 1 || Their 'Business' Trip ♦

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Chapter 1 || Their 'Business' Trip


* * Nicole's POV * *

Police sirens filled the air of my room causing me to slingshot up out of my bed with my hands up. My vision blurred from getting up so quickly. I blinked vigorously in an attempt to clear my sight. Dazed, I looked around my room for the cops but only found my phone resting on my bedside table vibrating ferociously. I threw my hands down in embarrassment...

I dragged my legs out from under my blankets and made my way to my phone. Once I was close enough to it I reached out and grabbed my phone which read 'get ready for school'.

I hit the snooze button, leaped back into my bed and groaned. I cannot believe I forgot to turn off my school alarm. That is at least 3 hours of sleep I will never get back.

Knowing I will be unable to fall back asleep I reached across my bed and grabbed my teddy bear. Yes... Teddy Bear. My dad bought it for me when I was a just baby and it's my favorite thing in the whole world. I could honestly care less if I had a smartphone... I'd rather have Teddy than a smartphone.

It's not that I hate technology... I don't... I just love Teddy more. I only use my phone for calling my parents and texting friends.

I pulled Teddy close to me and as soon as I did so my door flew open causing my heart to skip a beat and me to jump out of bed.

"Ryan, She's up!" My mom yelled out of to my dad.

I put my hand to my forehead, "It's 6 am... Please don't shout."

Disregarding my comment my mom and dad flew into my bedroom. I sat back down on my bed, "Why are you in here so early on a Saturday?"

Again they disregarded my question and my dad said, "Nicole... We hate to barge in on you so early-"

"-and loudly" I add.

He practically ignored me. "We just got a call from our work, our business trip to England got pushed up to tomorrow."

My heart dropped, "What?? What business trip?!?"

I looked into my mom's eyes, she compressed her lips together and looked everywhere but me.

My dad opened his mouth, "right..." he paused "We were going to tell you next week but since we are now leaving tomorrow we had to tell you today."

Were they just leaving me?

I opened my mouth to speak but my mom spoke before I could get anything out, "We tried to get an arrangement to stay with Uncle Tom but he is unable to take you in at the moment so we arranged for you to stay over the Vance's house while we are away."

Vance... That name rings a bell...

I thought about that name for a second until I remembered that they are my parents closest friends. They have known each other since high school.

I pulled away from my thoughts and asked: "How long will you be gone?"

They both exchanged glances until my mom chimed in "That's the issue, we are not entirely sure how long... It could range anywhere from 5 weeks to 5 months"

My face flushed and I almost choked when I heard her, "5 months?!?"

There was absolutely no way I could stay away from my parents that long. NO WAY!

"But it could be 5 weeks" my father added

I was speechless. I felt my eyes tear up. The longest I had ever been away from home was a week-long sleep away camp but even then my dad was one of the camp directors.

My mind swirled. They need to go on this business trip... They need time away from home... They need time to spend with each other... They don't need me in their way... I should be happy for them, a business trip is a huge promotion. Eventually, I stated, "How am I going to get to my boxing classes?"

They exchanged glances again, "I'm sure Jill can drive you if she isn't busy," my father said convincingly.

I nodded, "I hope you guys have fun."

They smiled and said "so glad you can understand" while kissing my forehead.

I smiled back; they deserve a trip.

* * * 

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