The Truth

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-----------Chapter 5-----------

The sun had risen on top of Konoha as it's rays were all over the village and on a certain window . On that room were peacefully sleeping three people. Naruto was happily sleeping with two beautiful women on his sides who had clung onto him and didn't want to let him go .

Opening his eyes , Naruto took a moment to adjust to the light and after his eye focus came back , he took a moment to look at his sorruderings . This wasn't his usual bedroom . As he looked to his sides he saw that on one side was his wife Hinata and on the other one was Shion . His memories hitting him , he remembered that this was his new house and that now Shion was a part of his family . As he stood there waiting for them to awake , he felt stirrings from the girls as Shion was the first to wake up and was shortly followed by Hinata .

"Good morning ,my angels." Said Naruto .
"To you too ." Said Hinata as she moved closer to him and giving him a morning kiss .
"Good morning Naruto." Said Shion as she too got next to Hinata and as soon as Hinata broke the kiss ,she continued it .
"What do you want to do today girls?" Said Naruto .
"We could stay like this all day." Said Hinata as she leaned on his shoulder .
"We could . But I am starving right now ."said Naruto as a growl from his stomach made the two giggle at him .
"Well then . Let's get you filled up with food then." Said Shion as she got up and was followed by Hinata .
"We are gonna cook for you and why don't you take a shower?" Said Hinata .
"Great idea." Said Naruto he too getting up and getting some fresh clothes for the day and putting them on a chair while he got into bathroom .

About 30 minutes later , Naruto got out of the bathroom as he got dressed wearing pants and a t-shirt . Going downstairs , he found that the floor was filled with a great smell as he followed it and it led to the kitchen . As he got there , he found the dinning table filled with bowls of ramen on it . There were at least two dozens of it .

Sitting immediately down , he started downing the content from the bowls . Giving him 5 minutes at top he was done as a huge curve appeared on his stomach from the overdose of ramen .
While his body was digesting the food , the bell rang . Getting up , he got to the front door and opened it revealing an Anbu troop.

"Naruto-san . You are called to the hokage office for a debriefing. Hokage mentioned that you come immediately and take Lady Shion and Hinata with you ." Said the anbu as he poofed away on a cloud of smoke .

Having heard the anbu , Shion and Hinata got ready immediately and the three of them left the house and rushing to the homage tower .

----------Hokage's office------------

Rushing inside , Naruto along with Hinata and Shion , they found that inside the office were his team with Yamato and Sai too .

"What is it Tsunade?" Said Naruto as he got in front of her .
"Our anbu troops which I send to investigate the destruction of Shion's village came back and they reported to me ." Said Tsunade as she got the attention of everyone .
"And what did they report ? Did they get anything from it ?" Said Naruto as he held Shion's hand .
"When they arrived at the village , almost everything was to ashes . They had checked everything from the bottom to the top and they found something shocking . On the central gas station that the village used for heating in every house and mainly the palace , and on different parts of the village were found a different kind of flames which are believed to be the cause of the explosion. It was black flames which couldn't be extinguished . And with Itachi dead who was the second one who could use it , it leaves only to one suspect ." Finished Tsunade as she saw the shock on everybody's face especially Sakura's who was about to faint .
"Are you sure it was him Tsunade-sama ? " said Kakashi .
"One of the anbu touched the flames to inspect it and he caught on fire . Others took off his gear and he survived for a straw since it still hadn't touched his skin . It is without a doubt Amaterasu and it was done by Sasuke Uchiha ." Said Tsunade with a stern voice .
"Why would he do that ?" Said Naruto as he tightened his grip on Shion's hand who had her eyes full of tears .
"For that we have no idea . Now this meeting is closed . Everybody can leave expect Naruto ." Said Tsunade as they followed the instructions leaving Naruto and Tsunade alone .

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