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Vanessa- Nessa boo😋 Becky- Becs😏

Nessa boo😋: sup becster watcha doin?

Becs😏: nothing much just chillin and watching a dolan twins video. What u doin?

Nessa boo😋: oh nothing, just currently DYING OVER THIS PICTURE!!

Nessa boo😋: oh nothing, just currently DYING OVER THIS PICTURE!!

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Like holly molly look at Ethan 😍😍

Becs😏: I know right, lookie at Gray he too hot 🔥🔥 Me die now, me say bye bye.

Nessa boo😋: no don't die your the only person I can obsess over about the dolan twins plz come back.😂

Becs😏: 😂 hahah ok. But really I have to go look at the time.

Nessa boo😋: oh crap it's 11pm I need to do my homework. Ttyl ily😙 thanks for telling me😂

Becs😏: your welcome and goodnight ily2😘😙🌚

Nessa boo😋: goodnight to you too but holy Shit don't send me the moon emoji you know I hate it.

Becs😏: haha sorry goodnight🌚

Nessa boo😋: omg becky! Stawp.

Becs😏:ok Ima stop goodnight for real.😙

Nessa boo😋: goodnight 😈

With that I shut off my phone and finished my homework. Even though I met becky through the Internet I feel like I have known her for my whole life. I feel like I can talk to her about anything, probably because she likes the dolan twins as much as me.
I went to bed and thought about school. Tommorow is Monday ew😑

So here's da new book. 😉😉
The first chapter is not that long because I don't know if yall like this book yet so tell me if ya do.

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