A Long Way Home Part 17

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After quickly unloading the car and packing everything into the Cessna 206, I also packed up the kids into the plane too and after making sure that everything had been removed from the car, Mr brown was quick to return it and be back here hopping into the plane that he made sure had no problems for our return flight home.

For some reason, the kids were being very quiet and calm for me, which they normally aren't. That was good for us as we were concentrating on getting ourselves up and in the air on our way home. For some reason too, I really wasn't looking forward to this trip home.

Thankfully, take off was without a problem. Soon after take off, the kids dropped off for a nap. Hopefully, the nap will last the whole way home. Turning back around to face the front after noticing that the kids were asleep I started a little small talk with Mr Brown.

"Hopefully, they'll sleep for most of the way home." I said as I was looking up and out of the windows around us.

" We can only hope so." Mr Brown said which caused me to snap my head around to him to see that his lips were twitching. I think he was trying to be a bit funny. So I just laughed.

"You mean, you hope so?" I said in question back at him.

Mr Brown just smiled and continued to look out at the front of the plane with a few glances out to the side. Even I was following his head movements watching the way the clouds were moving.

It must have been about twenty minutes later that I heard Mr Brown make a grunting kind of sound. Looking up at him, I noticed that he was frowning as he looked out over to his left.

Looking at what caused Mr Brown to frown, I noticed that there were a few clouds forming out on the horizon. Since we're not heading in that direction, I didn't think we had anything much to worry about. How wrong I was another thirty minutes later when we started to hit a bit of turbulence.

Looking back to see how the kids were, I saw that they had slumped over onto their sides a little to get comfortable and see that they were still asleep. Which I was hoping that they would stay asleep a little bit longer. Seeing a shadow coming through the window, I glanced up to see that some clouds had come out of no where and we were beginning to fly through them.

I have to admit that, by this stage, I was getting a bit antsy, as Mum would call it when she got really nervous about something. I think I was really beginning to feel antsy now.

I kept looking at Mr Brown to see how he was. Looking to see if he was nervous about anything, but he seemed as calm and an apple in a fruit bowl. Then he quickly looked at me and smiled.

"It's going to be okay. We'll be home soon enough, don't you worry." He said which I have to say made me feel reassured. I'm glad it's Mr Brown that is doing the flying. I don't have enough hours to feel as confident as he looks right now. Plus he's been flying for years.

It wasn't until I glanced at his hands that I knew the truth. His hands had gripped the flight controls so tightly that they are white with straining.

Swiftly turning my head to the front, I closed my eyes and prayed that we would be okay. All of us, but especially my babies.  Then breaking through some thick white cloud, I heard Mr Brown curse, really loudly before he swung the plane to the side and climb.

Opening my eyes at his curse, I saw what made him turn the plane. In front of us were some of the blackest storm clouds I have ever seen, especially from the air. I just grabbed the seat and the safety rail and hung on for dear life, which I realised was at stake as were the others.

But there was no where to turn that didn't have dark clouds. The light rain that had been sprinkling against the front window now turned into something horrific. We could barely see now and I have to say, I have no idea in what direction we are heading.

Then something large flashed at us and we felt an enormous shudder coming from the side of the plane. Mr Brown just reached forward and flipped a switch and the shuddering stopped. Looking at him now, I saw that his jaw was clenched and his face was a bit white, probably like mine.

I have to say that flying in a small plane through a storm should have been exciting, but it wasn't. It was terrifying. Especially since I know that my babies were on board and it wasn't just us that needed to be on the ground and out of this storm.

"This storm was unexpected wasn't it?" I asked him quietly as I kept glancing into the back at the babies.

"Yes. There weren't any warning or forecasts about it. Damn it." He said quietly so as not to disturb the kids.

Looking out again through the window, I saw the cloud beginning to thin hoping that the storm was over. Bursting out of the dark clouds, we looked and saw very small patches of blue above us. I thought it was going to be okay until I head Mr Brown really swear and curse.

Wondering what was going on, I looked at him wanting to know what's going on.

"We're about to hit and wind shear." He began to say. Then he yelled. "Hang on tight." Just before we were hit with a sudden shift in wind that caused the plane to shudder as well as making it seem like it turned the plane right around in the opposite direction to where we were going. Then a few alarms were going off.

I was scared. Really scared, especially for my babies. By this time, the plane was shaking and shuddering so bad and I have to admit that there were some tears rolling down my cheeks at this time. But I refused to make a sound in case I disturbed Mr Brown  and his concentration as he was holding the controls as steady as he could.

Snapping my head at Mr Brown, I was now shocked at what I was hearing.

"Mayday, Mayday, Mayday. This is Alpha whiskey tango two zero six foxtrot. Mayday, Mayday, Mayday. This is alpha whiskey tango two zero six. We have encountered a wind shear storm and have sustained damage and are going down. Can anyone hear me?" Mr Brown was saying.

He said this a few times before he told me to undo my seat belt and climb into the back and pack all the packages around myself and the babies. I just sat there looking at him in horror.

"NOW, I said. Damn it. NOW MOVE IT!" He yelled at me. At that, the babies were beginning to stir, so I quickly undid my belt and maneuvered  myself   into the back with the kids .

"Hurry." Mr Brown said as he continued to call out a Mayday into his head set.

Managing to get myself onto the floor in front of the babies, I pulled out everything I could to put around us, but mostly the babies. Their bags, their blankets, their pillows as well as the new ones we just bought.  Anything I could grab, I did. Then I felt the plane begin to dive down.

Oh my god, I was thinking. Please let us survive, please. I kept saying this over and over again continuously.  Just when I thought we were going to be okay, I grabbed one of the big blankets that was up and to the side and quickly pushed myself up to throw the blanket over the lap of Mr Brown before I threw myself down around my babies.

Hearing the whine of the motor getting louder and louder, I felt as if it was going to blow. Then it did. After that it was so quiet with the only sound heard was the storm raging outside. That's when I knew, this was it. Then we felt the first bump.

Then we felt another bump before all of a sudden it felt like we were in a ferris wheel going around and around. I felt myself float for a moment before thumping down hard against the roof of the plane. Then I was slammed against the floor again in front of the babies who by this time were wide awake and screaming their heads off.

I don't know how long this happened for before one last jolt shook the plane before it stilled with me being thrown one last time and landing with a horrendous jolt that hit the side of my head. I was trying to hear the kids but their crying was getting fainter and fainter until I didn't hear anything as I fell into the arms of darkness.

My last thought being that I hoped someone would save my babies. Please save my babies I was thinking  until I couldn't think any more.

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