*Two Days Later*

Shane got a call from BlackBoxTV. BlackBoxTV is a YouTube channel that makes short horror videos. Anyways, they wanted him to play the main male victim. The plot was this: 

A couple have a romantic dinner at the guy's house. Soon, they start watching TV, and this killer shoots them with arrows.

It was apprently the anti-cupid, who kills people who have been together for 13 years.

The couple in the video was celebrating that anniversery.


"You won't get jealous, right?" Shane asked in a teasing ton.

I shook my head. "Shane, it's part of your job," I said, "If you make me jealous, that means you're doing a good job."

He chuckled. 

Kalel Cullen was going to be playing the main girl victim. 

Of course, the two characters make out on the couch when they get bored of the TV show they watch, and Kalel is beautiful...so of course Shane will ask if I'm going to be jealous.

"Hey, after this, we can go to the mall and go to the arcade as like our first official date," he said, taking my hand with his free hand. "How does that sound?"

I nodded and smiled. "Sounds great, babe."


We arrived onto the set. It was around 8:30 p.m, and the sky was REALLY dark. Perfect for filming a short horror.

The director, Mike Williamson, greated me and Shane and took us inside the house where it will be filmed. However, when we got inside, Kalel wasn't there...

It was Lisa.

My body tensed up. I squeezed Shane's hand really tightly. What was she doing here? Where was Kalel?!

"Um...hey Lisa," Shane said, really awkwardly.

"Hey Shane," she said, trying to lighten up everything.

"Yeah, sorry about the last minute changes, Shane" Mike said, "Kalel called in sick so I asked Lisa and she took it."

My body started to shake. He didn't ask me?

"Why...why not me..." I whispered.

Mike looked at me with sympathy. "I didn't think you would want it," he said.

I let go of Shane's hand and ran to the car, crying.

Why does GOD hate me so much? Why was he doing this!? 

Is HE purposly TRYING to get Lisa and Shane back together?

"Katie! Wait!" he said, running to me.

"No Shane! Just...go do it! I'll be fine." I exclaimed.

He grabbed my hands away from my face and put his hands on my cheeks.

"Listen," he said, "Whatever goes on in there, I won't be thinking about kissing Lisa. I'm going to be thinking about you. I will be imagining that's us kissing on the couch, not her. I love you Katie, not her."

He pulled me into his arms. I layed there on his shoulder, and hugged him back. However, I had this strange nerve on getting in there and yelling at Lisa to back off of Shane and that he's mine...

Woah woah woah, Katie! It's not a big deal! This is part of Shane's job as an actor! Get over it, my inner thoughts said.

We broke from the hug, and Shane gave me an innocent kiss on the lips.