11 years ago

"Come on Nicky! I thought you were going to kick my ass!" I laughed while holding Nick against the ground "I'm letting you win" Nick spoke before pushing me off balance changing places, Nick on top of me.

A smirk was traced across the teenage werewolf's face for he knew, well he thought, he beat me. While he was kissing my cheek playfully, I took advantage of the situation and wrapped my legs around Nick's throat.

Turning us around I kicked him away but before he was able to go too far away I grabbed his foot and pulled him back wrapping my hand around his neck "Clack! Cause of death: broken neck and taking a win for granted".

Winking at the boy who owned a piece of my heart as any other member of my family he stood up and sighted "Couldn't you just let me win once in our lives?" He asked rhetorically "Where would be the fun in that?" I smiled breathless "Come on, let's get some water" I offered and we ran back into the house.

Once we both were inside, Nick closed the door and our father's greeted us with a bottle of water "After all this years you still can't beat Emma. In what did it helped that I told you her weaknesses during battle Nicholas?" My father joked.

"Hey! How could you!" I said playfully slapping my father's arm "Where's Jeremy?" Nick asked curious "He went out to do some errants but he'll be back in no time" Clay walked into the room just adding one more scent into the mixture.

It was a long time ago when Jeremy first brought Clay to the pack, he was just eight years old, by that time I was already completely familiarized with the shiftings and the pain it brought to be a werewolf.

Not only am I the only woman to ever have been born as a werewolf and survive the transformation but also the first werewolf ever to have its first change being only one year old.

Jeremy says he always loved to see me change when in such a young age since I literally took the shape of a cub and it amazed everyone.

     Every werewolf was impacted by the fact that I changed when being a baby but obviously what took them by surprise was that they never a expected for me, a woman, to be a werewolf.

     Unfortunately my father had to take me away from my mother when he found out about this and never mentioned a single thing about her. That was until my mother was dying of cancer and my father decided for me to meet her before she died.

     It was one of the most emotional moments of my life especially because of the fact that, Elizabeth, my mother; took her last breath in my arms.

"When did he left?" My father asked "About two hours ago maybe" Clay responded. I knew why my father asked in the first place, Jeremy never takes long when doing errants.

Just as we all understood my father's worries Jeremy's scent accompanied by an unfamiliar sent caught my attention "He's here but he's not alone" I informed "What do you mean?" Nick asked "There's someone else with him, I can smell it" I said.

Taking a deep breath to really identify the scents, one of them extremely preoccupied me "I smell blood, Jeremy's blood" Everyone then stared at me after those words left my mouth.

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