Only For Tonight (BxB short stories)

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Only For Tonight (BoyxBoy Short stories)

  Drunken Fantasies:

   The man I had met at the club had driven me home and now we were sitting in his car, talking. It seemed as if with every passing minute, I was getting hornier and I didn’t even try hiding my throbbing dick.

  “Do you, uh, want to come inside?” I asked the dark-haired beauty. He just smirked and turned his car off. He got out and walked around to my side and opened my door. “I guess I will take that as a yes.” I murmured quietly. I hadn’t even been able to step foot outside the car before he had picked me up and carried me to the front door.

  Once inside, he wasted no time in clearing off my table and setting me on it. Then we were kissing frantically and he was making my body burn in so many ways. His tongue traced my lip and I moaned as he forced my mouth open. “Oh, god, Seth.” I moaned as he pressed me into the table.

  “How do you like it, Justin?” He asked, seriously and I felt myself blush red.

  “Just however.” I lied, smiling at him. Ii kissed him and he opened my mouth again and let his tongue sweep across mine.

  He bit my bottom lip and I winced, “Liar!” He accused. “If you won’t tell me, I am just going to try everything.” He grabbed the collar of my shirt and ripped it open. I moaned and he smirked at me a he licked my nipple. When he nipped at it, I arched into his mouth and he chuckled.

  “Seth!” I groaned as he repeatedly bit me. It was driving me insane and I wanted all of him, soon. I grabbed his shirt and quickly unbuttoned it, trying to speed up the process. Once his shirt was off, he straddled me on the table and placed amazing pressure on my groin. “Mm.”

  “I am going to take off your pants, okay baby?” He asked and I just nodded as he stripped me down to my boxers. “Oh, what a large member you have.” He said, mimicking little red riding hood.”

  “The better to impale you on, My Dear.” I rasped as he kissed down my stomach, pulling my boxers to my feet.

   He chuckled and licked the glistening head of my dick, “You’re mental if you think that I am letting you put that inside of me.” He said and then pushed all of me in his mouth and down his throat. He gagged on my length and I bucked my hips towards his face at the sensation. He pulled back sucking hard on me.

   “I am not going to last if you keep that up!” I warned and he just smirked at me. He took his belt off and kissed me. He lifted my arms above my head and I felt something tightening around my wrists. I looked up to see his belt binding my wrists together. “Fuck.” He smiled at me and squeezed my hard on. I yelled as he pushed on the slit on my tip. “Oh god. Fuck me, like now.” He ignored me and continued to squeeze and stroke.

  When he pulled away, I opened my eyes to see him taking his clothes off. Once he was naked, I looked at his cock. Oh my god. He was bigger than I was! He came back to me an placed himself above me, between my legs. “This is going to hurt, baby.”

  “I know.” I whispered as he nudged my hole. He kissed me sweetly and I was pretty sure that He was just going to ease himself in. He pulled away and smiled at me with sympathy. He lifted my hips and slammed his entire length into me, dry. I screamed in pain, but it turned me on to no end. He continuously pounded me, not allowing the pain to fade and my whimpers turned into moans of pleasure and pain.

  “You like rough don’t you, you little slut. You like being full of me, and you probably want more.” He rasped and he pushed harder and that when I realized that he wasn’t all the way in. I groaned loud as he nailed me to the table. “Ugh, you are going to make me cum at any moment, Justin.” He grunted as he picked up the intensity. I began stroking myself in time with his thrusts and I felt my ass tighten around him.

  I busted and my white cum coated our chests and stomachs. I was smeared between us as he thrust three more times into me. With one last forceful thrust, he came inside of me. Even his release was intense. It was filling me even as he pulled out. I had never had such amazing sex. Ever.

  “I am sorry.” He whispered as he kissed my lips.

  “For what?”

  He pulled completely out and pulled away so he could look into my eyes. “I, uh, made you bleed.” I shrugged and kissed him again, feeling myself stiffen. His eyes widened as he realized what I was doing. I had managed to undo his belt from around my wrists and I gripped his waist and made him straddle me as I impaled him on me this time.


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