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Preview 1

Okay everything I'll tell you. Are real and sorry that I'll be real slow some of these boys. Are suscipous and shy of telling their relationships.

Honestly would you tell someone what's your love life going?


"James... Kiss me again please?" I ask Mituna wile caressing his cheek.

"Yes Jadrien..." Said James

Me and James kiss me again we kiss for a while until... Mituna came in the room with the other bag of clothes I have...

"James... Jadrien..." Mituana said in a sad voice and drop everything.

I saw Mituna spreading tears down his face and make a run for it I ran after Mituna leaving James alone.


"David... Y-you love me?" I ask David

"Yes I do... Drake I love you and I want to show you..." Said David in a soft voice

I felt the lips... The lips of the kiss David gave me. It's felt warm soft and sweet this is the first time ever kissed a boy! I never felt such a great kiss...

"David..." I said his name with a smile from the kiss we are still doing

"Drakey... Please call me Davi" he told me

"Alright Davi..." I said it in a soft voice

Davi moan and bit and we continue kissing it feels so good I'm glad me and Ashley broke up... This is an amazing feeling I never had a kiss like this not even a spark from all of my ex girlfriends...



There's a short story of it sorry I gotta a lot of stories I'm doing and I'm doing a lot of it! Here the stores I'm doing...

Those Red Eyes

My Neko Boyfriend (Yaoi)

Hidden Secrets

The Legend of Heaven and Hell (Yaoi and Yuri scenes also my own fantasy if that happens to me cx)

The Adventure Time with Juliet and Jadrien (almost like Finn and Jake cx)

I'm Half Werewolf and Vampire (Boy's life)

Im in love with a werewolf Guy (some Yaoi and Yuri -_-)

Twilight Princess

The Prince of Demons (Yaoi scenes and straight scenes)

Everlasting secret (Yaoi scenes and straight scenes)

This is our life (Not my life a bunch of these teens life cx)

Dark Angel (Yaoi)

My Life! (Yaoi of course also thinking of doing it .3.)

My Werwolf/Vampire Love (Triangle Love ewe xD)

Essie Dark Life... (physic life)

Neko Lovers (Yaoi, Yuri and Straight scenes xD)

Which one to Love? (Vampire, Neko, Human, Fantasy and Werwolf Story!)

Another One Direction Love Story... (this is gonna be a different then the others lol ewe)

Shit that's lots xD