Joffrey Baratheon Smut (Dirty little secret)

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The Red Keep was always full of eerie noises, especially in the dead of night. You lay awake in your bed, thinking off all the events that had happened today. Your dad had sold you off like cattle to the bastard King. You had never been so mad in your whole life, you might be queen in a fortnight but you were bound to one of the most evil men in all of Westeros.

You rolled over in bed, the cool air streaming through the thin linen curtains. Your thin nightgown was bunched up at your waist as you tried to get comfortable. You desperately tried to close your eyes but you just couldn't. Then you heard it, a single knock on your door, the sound made you jump and crawl further under your bedding.

"My Lady, open the door." You heard a thick drawl from outside the door. A voice you knew too well as of now.

You hoped out of bed and went to crack open the door. "Y-your Grace, what are you doing here at this hour of night?" You stutter out as you look at him inquisitively.

A smirk plastered his face as usual and his eyes wandered over your scantily clad body. "My darling, you seemed very distraught after you left court today. It seems our engagement didn't make you very enthused. I wanted to let you get to know me a little better so the idea isn't so haunting."

He pushed past you and sit on the edge of your bed, the moon light was the only thing that lit the room. Giving it a romantic feeling as you sat next to him.

"That's very kind, I truly appreciate it." You whisper, trying to make sure not to be heard by anyone. What you both were doing right now was a completely taboo move.

The sheerness of your nightgown was alluring to Joffrey, as it was only giving little glimpses of what he really wanted to see. He moves closer to you, carefully placing his hand on top of your thigh. "You know, getting to know each other in the most intimate way wouldn't be a bad idea. I have many standards and demands when it comes to what pleases me." His smirk makes you uneasy and his words make it even worse, if it was even possible to get worse than this.

You crawl back up to wear you were laying in bed and get under the covers, patting the spot next to you for him to come lay down. If this was going to happen you wanted it to be romantic, you wanted to feel like the queen you were bound to be.

He slipped off his boots and tossed them carelessly across the room. "Now this I could enjoy every night." He sighs as he drapes his arm across my tiny waist, nuzzling his nose into the crook of my neck. Placing small, butterfly kisses along my neck.

"As could I, my king," You smile, turning around and embracing him with open arms. Kissing him with passion, taking him back a little. But eventually he kissed back, gripping onto me tighter as if You were his prized possession. The once simple kiss got hot as fire, even you desired more and more.

"Joffrey, my dear. Could... Could you, maybe. Touch me?" You stutter out, playing with the thin linen of his night shirt.

"I thought that you would never ask." He smirks, pulling your cotton gown over your head. Leaving you completely bare in front of his devious stares. His hands ever so delicately trail up your soft, supple skin. Your body was something he had never seen anything like. It was pure, untouched, curvy, soft, delicate, it was perfect to the young king. You were perfect in his eyes.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer to you, untie the front of his trousers. You were in too deep to have any self control left. You kissed from his jaw line to his neck, making him groan in pleasure.

He pulled away from you, getting off the bed to strip of his remaining clothing. Pinning you to the mattress and kissing down to your chest, you could see that he was nervous. "Your grace? Have you ever done this before, be honest." You whisper, placing your fingers under his chin to look into his crystal blue eyes.

"Of course I have, don't be so stupid. I'm a man, t-this is what men do." He stutter at the end, holding my waist tight as he moves to nip at the crook of your neck. Shutting you up pretty damn quickly, making you whimper in pleasure. You can feel his rock hard length press against your stomach, the thought of him taking you is making you sopping wet.

Throwing all caution to the wind, you bring your hand down to Palm his length, running your thumb over the tip. He shudders and buries his face into the crook of your neck, kneeing your legs apart a little further. Moving his lips to kiss your own, "Joffrey, I'm ready." You whisper, moving your hand away from his length to grip his shoulders.

He smirks widely, moving his hand down your soft skin. Slowly making his way down to your folds, running two of his digits in between them. You nearly scream out as he brushes against your virgin bud. He slowly and carefully slips one finger inside of you, and God that was even a stretch.

"Your so tight, my lady. I believe that you are my first virgin." His words seem naughty as he whispers into your ear. Jamming in another finger and pumping them quickly, making your back arch off the bed. You can already feel yourself coming close to being undone, you were starting to act like a harlot. And this time you didn't mind. You wanted to be like this with him.

"Take me, please..." You sigh out. And that phrase sealed your fate, he climbed on top of you, kissing you deeply as slammed into your virgin entrance. Making you scream out in pain from the initial shock, but as he thrust in the pain started to ebb away. You started to moan, running scratched down his pale skin, wanting it harder and faster.

But your love making had too end, he soon got very tired. Very close to release. "My love, please. Let it go." You sigh out, kissing down his neck as he soon pulls out, quickly finished.

"Well, you weren't too bad, I believe that I could live with this." With that he puts on his clothes and walks out the door. Leaving you a panting mess on you bed, but you've never been more intrigued.

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