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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Ten to nine and three others were squeezing out of the lift to secure a seat. All seats were now filled and by the looks of it there was only one guy and five other women. A slim guy with glasses came from around the corner introducing himself to the group as Haiden Barker, co-founder and architect, and also in charge of completing the initial recruitment process.

"I hope you have come prepared, my business partner, head architect and manager of the firm will only hire the person he sees is the best fit for this business. He will have the final say on which candidate will be hired. We will be starting the interviews very soon. Once you have been interviewed, can you please return to the waiting area, once all interviews have been conducted Andrew will inform who out of the group has been successful...Remuneration and expectations will be discussed with the successful applicant, and they will commence work here tomorrow morning at 8:30am. Good Luck to you all".

I don't know if it was just karma or something with my name being called out last. But maybe it was a good sign though; the other applicants who'd been interviewed were now strangely quiet and fidgety in their seats waiting to hear who'd get the job. "Miss Belford, Mr. Arthurs is ready to see you now". As I walked towards Mr. Arthurs office, I knew I had to remain calm, collected and confident and as I entered through the door the words of my Mom and Dad to chase after my dreams and future resonated in my thoughts, making me smile.


As calm and collected as I could, I entered the room with my warmest smile, one I'd imagined smiling at my parents, hopefully they'd be proud of me if they could see me right now. I knew stressing out wouldn't help; I just needed to be myself. Reaching out my hand to gesture a handshake, Mr. Arthurs had a hint of questioning in his eyes. I could see him trying to read me.

"Hi, I'm Anna...Anna Belford; it's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Arthurs. How are you today?" Fine thank you, and yourself?" "Surprisingly good today thank you". "That's good; now let's get down to business shall we". Anna nodded back.

Andrew Arthurs paused for a moment as he tried to figure out this young lady before him. She was nothing like the other applicants. No designer clothing or elaborate accessories, and probably no makeup... a little plain looking. But her personality alone had already outshone the rest by far. Not one of them had started the conversation like she had, and she had one of those warm...caring personalities that would be highly welcomed in a sometimes stressful, high-pressure deadline work environment.

"Ok Anna, my partner Haiden Barker, who you met earlier shortlisted you as a possible candidate as my PA here at Arthurs & Barkers Architectural Design Co. So why do you think you deserve the role over all the other candidates in the waiting area?"

Anna took a deep breath to steady her thoughts and at the same time hoped she made sense, a small grin lighting her face. "Mr. Arthurs I can assure you that I will commit to this role like no one has ever before. I know that sounds like a generic statement you may come across often, but I really mean it. I'm committed, driven, and ambitious. And to be honest I know I might not look like any of those tall and beautiful people out there in the waiting area...but I believe I can be a great PA Mr. Arthurs, and if you give me this chance I will not fail don't know how much this job would mean to me".


Andrew smiled in return. He had a look of both shock and questioning trying to grasp the person before him, not replying as he sat absorbing her response. "Um, I'm sorry if that didn't make complete sense...I can leave if we're done". "No, you don't have to leave. I was taken aback by your were the first to give me an honest answer like that, and trust me you made sense".

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