Dinner with a vampire. Did I mention I'm vegetarian? (16)

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Dinner with a vampire. Did I mention I'm vegetarian? (Chapter 16)

It's here! Chapter 16! Enjoy guys!

And hahaha, I feel really cruel, I had this written and proof read five hours ago, but only just uploaded it.

Okay, that may have been because my internet was running slow. XD

And a shout out to Hayley-Nicole, for giving me the genius idea for this chapter!



Oh, and the music most probably doesn't fit in here... but well, I am in love with it, so...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2Ma4BvMUwU (Requiem for a Dream)

Get a grip Violet.

If you want to survive this, throw it from your mind.

Lock it up, never let them see it.

They will snatch it from your mind, you know that.

Why do you care anyway? So what if some vampire had died. So what if your father did it? If they didn't find out, it was fine.

My stomach twisted into this huge knot, and it made me gag. How could I say such a thing?

Vampire or not, she was still loved. Her death still hurt others.

And I had no proof it was my father, it's a coincidence, I told myself firmly, still gagging a little. Desperate, I threw all thought of it into a box in my mind, locked it, and threw away the key. I would not think of it again, especially around others.

Trying to tell yourself that whilst hyperventilating is difficult.

I must have sat up all night, because before I knew it, the sun was seeping through the delicate voiles covering my window. My eyes blinked furiously, not used to the glaring light creeping it ways across the rug-covered room.

I slipped the ruffled covers off myself, and slid out of the bed. I looked down and realized I was still wearing my clothes from last night. I shuddered a little, disgusted. My top stuck to me, and beads of sweat ran down my back. I had broken out in a cold sweat, and my stomach was caning me. I walked towards the window, hoping, in vain, that it might have suddenly have unlocked itself.

Stupid window! All I wanted was some fresh air!

I smacked the glass in frustration. My stomach knotted up, and it was nothing to do with my stomach-ache. I slowly slid down the wall, as homesickness overtook me. Thoughts of my family rushed through my mind, my friends, my room, my home... London. As every image flashed through my mind, more, and more sobs escaped my lips. I just wanted to go home. I just wanted to be free. That wasn't too much to ask, was it?

I lay there, curled up against the wall for a while, waiting for the longing to pass over. I knew it would. I flashed back, to when I was just ten. I had gone on a class trip to Wales, where we had stayed the week, doing all sorts of adventurous things. Climbing, kayaking, canoeing, white-water rafting, you name it, we did it.

But one thing sticks out in my mind about that trip.

I didn't enjoy a single moment of it.

Every hour had been spent thinking of home, longing for my family. Every mealtime had been quiet - I never talked to anyone, not even Ruby. And every bedtime had been spent quietly crying into my pillow, wishing the week would end sooner. I learnt that week that I needed my family more than anything in the world. More than friends. More than partying. More than sex, or booze.

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